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Schreiner University The English Major Volume 6, Issue 4 March 12, 2010 Over-achieving undergraduates: David Mulry Schreiner’s English majors outdid themselves (as ever) by taking this year’s National Undergraduate Literature Conference by storm. Christopher Fuqua presents a short fiction work: “Operation Iraqi Freedom”; Katie Wright and Katie Stout were both selected to present their poetry; Katie Stout is also sched- uled to present her paper, “A Psychoanalytic Examination of Lawrence Selden in ‘The House of Mirth.’” She is alongside other majors presenting literature research, including Heather Stevens-Shaffer with “Seriously, It‘s Not About Puritans,” Bri Hamlyn, excited to “spend a few days with other lit nerds like me” with “Surviving Slavery: Dealing with a Post-Abolition Culture in Toni Morrison‘s ‘Beloved,’” and Dolores Kimball, president of Schreiner’s English Honors chapter, with “‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’: A View of Capitalist Patriarchy.” The conference is held in beautiful Ogden, Utah, at Weber State University between March 31-April 3. Liebestänze: Silke Feltz In April, Silke Feltz will read several of her poems at the CSUF Creative Writing and Composition Conference in Fullerton, CA. This is the first time she shares her creative work with published poets and creative writing professors. Her collection, called Liebestänze, is comprised of poems that focus on love and relationships. Feltz regularly leads a Stammtisch or discussion table for Germanophiles on campus. Contact her at for more. Inside this issue: Undergrad Research 1 Liebestänze 1 Music Notes 1 Bossing the Jersey Shore 2 Data Day 2 Texas Writer’s Conference 3 The Tutors 3 Poetic Modes 4 Evolving Research 4 Music Notes: Kathleen Hudson The Texas Music Coffeehouse is providing a place for writers to emerge and be heard. The student participation keeps growing with over 100 students attending the February Coffeehouse featuring a tribute to Black History Month. March 3 honored Women’s History Month and featured Shelley King, and April 7 is Spoken Word with slam poetry and Thom Moon the poet. This project is produced by the Texas Heritage Music Foundation (started in 1987 by Kathleen Hudson), along with student activities and the Center for Innovative Learning. Events start at 7 with an open mike, feature a special guest at 7:30 and end with another open mike. The list of student performers just keeps growing. Hudson says, “As the Cactus Café is closing on the UT campus in Austin, the premier listening room for songwriters in the state, there’s a possibility for our own Lion’s Den to fill that space.” Hudson, a noted authority on Texas music, will be teaching a course on it next fall, along with two freshman composition courses on the singer/songwriter in American music. • Needed: team of Schreiner students to do spring planning for Living History Day, held on September 24, 2010. Call Hudson at ext. 7409 to participate! • June 24-26, Young Rhetorician’s Conference in Monterey, California. Hudson cochair and working with Schreiner student on research for a panel. Past participants from Schreiner are Dolores Kimball and Dianne Robertson.

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