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Irby, Thurstaston and Pensby Amenity Society Established over 30 years ITPAS NEWSLETTER Volume 10, Issue 2 - August 2008 Page 2 Editorial Village Hall Parks Upgrade Page 3 Country Park Wind turbine ITP Bits The Parks in Irby and Pensby supply the recreational needs of children in our community. Page 4 Additionally, in Irby we have Green Status bowling facilities and two tennis Radio courts. These parks are well used Clatterbridge in the summer and winter, but due to lack of investment, the equipment is rapidly deteriorating, therefore restoration is absolutely essential. ITPAS has previously contributed for two of our community benches. Page 5 Heswall Medical One in Irby Park and the other in Pensby Park at a cost of ÂŁ600 each. Centre Plaques were placed on each to endorse our involvement, of which the one in Irby Park remembered our founding Chairman, Alex Blackburn OBE. Recently, we have become aware that substantial lottery funding is Page 6 available, and although Committee competitive ITPAS are keen to Diary apply for potential grants in an Membership attempt to improve the quality of our parks. If successful, we can begin to create ongoing projects to benefit our community. However, for the application of such proposals we need evidence, full cooperation and support to demonstrate that our community places a high value on its parks. Officers at Wirral Borough Council are liaising with our newly appointed research funding officer for the prospective development of both Irby & Pensby parks. Before we can go any further, we need YOUR opinion though. We will not be successful in obtaining any grants unless it is with the consent of the Community at large, not just ITPAS members, we need to cast the net far and wide and obtain as many opinions about the project as possible. This cannot happen without positive feedback from our members and residents/users of the parks. Page 1

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