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EVENTS: HOLIDAY EVENTS, GARTH FAGAN DANCE 21 FILM: “OLDBOY,” “FROZEN” 30 ART: FIRST FRIDAY PHOTO ESSAY 20 URBAN JOURNAL: PLANNING A DOWNTOWN 3 CROSSWORD 39 ANTHONY GREEN • PALE GREEN STARS DECEMBER 4-10, 2013 Free • • MOISTBOYZ • TEAGAN AND LOU Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • IRISH CHRISTMAS IN AMERICA Vol 43 No 13 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 14 News. Music. Life. Why aren’t students accountable for their own behavior?” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 County blames state for day care cuts. CHILD CARE, PAGE 4 Absences add up. EDUCATION, PAGE 5 Rolling dough: bakery round-up. CHOW HOUND, PAGE 9 Holiday theater preview. THEATER, PAGE 26 FEATURE | BY REBECCA RAFFERTY | PAGE 10 | PHOTO BY LARISSA COE Hot wheels: all-season cyclists Many Rochesterians shy away from bicycling because of our harsh, fickle weather, or because our city has been developed around roadways. And though it’s slowly improving, we don’t yet have the best biking infrastructure. Improbable as it might sound, some of our population use bikes as their primary mode of transportation year-round. Many enjoy the enhancement to their health and fitness, and spending more time in the fresh air. Others have noticed that in attempting to travel more consciously, they have significantly cut down on unnecessary excursions. Here, five intrepid citizens, each of whom represent both the custom bike-building and winter-commuting worlds of Rochester bicycling culture, discuss craft and theft, dispel stubbornly held myths, and give tips on sharing the road with drivers and driving snow. (Pictured: local cyclist Michael Cardinale.)

December 4-11, 2013 - City Newspaper

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