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EVENTS: “THE 39 STEPS,” “GAME OF THRONES” 23 FILM: “CAPTAIN PHILLIPS,” “ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW” 30 THEATER REVIEW: “THE LAST FIVE YEARS” @ JCC 26 URBAN JOURNAL: THE NEW, ‘MORE,’ D&C 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 IRON AND WINE • JONATHAN BISS WITH RPO OCTOBER 16-22, 2013 Free • • PHISH • FRIGHTENED RABBIT Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • INFINITY SHRED Vol 43 No 6 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 14 News. Music. Life. Downtown is just a bunch of tall building with empty streets on the weekends.” FEEDBACK, PAGE 2 A look at elections in Irondequoit, Greece. ELECTIONS, PAGE 6 Gargoyles and spirit girls. HISTORY, PAGE 4 FOOD | BY DAYNA PAPALEO | PAGE 10 | PHOTO BY MARK CHAMBERLIN Time piece: MAG’s “Memory Theatre.” Cheap Eats 2013 ART REVIEW, PAGE 22 Would you like to get all gussied up and treat yourself to an expensive gastronomic feast, complete with wine pairings and decadent, show-stopping desserts? If so, you can take your top hat and monocle elsewhere. This rundown of Rochester’s cheap eats is for hungry people who don’t carry their money around in sacks with dollar signs on them. Whatever these places lack in caviar service and fingerbowls they make up for in value and nourishment, and usually that’s all you need. Best of Rochester 2013: last chance to vote! DETAILS, PAGE 29 The only shared criteria among these establishments is that they have meals with a price point at or under $10; otherwise, this list is as random as can be. So if you have a favorite place to get tasty, inexpensive food, please share it with us by commenting on this article at, or hit us up on Facebook ( or Twitter (@roccitynews).

October 16-22, 2013 - City Newspaper

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