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EVENTS: GCVM FALL FEST, MAG “MEMORY THEATRE” 21 FILM: “DON JON,” “RUSH” 28 RESTAURANT REVIEW: BISTRO HAN 11 URBAN JOURNAL: THE FIGHTS DOWNTOWN 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 CANDYE KANE • TUGBOAT OCTOBER 2-8, 2013 Free • • BAYSIDE • AD HOC • THE SPITS • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 43 No 4 • News. Music. Life. It’s the original instrument, besides beating on stuff with sticks.” MUSIC FEATURE, PAGE 14 School board doesn’t trust suspension data. RCSD, PAGE 5 Conscience incorporated. NEWS, PAGE 6 Kiln time: Genesee Pottery’s “History in the Making.” ART REVIEW, PAGE 20 Best of Rochester 2013: voting continues. DETAILS, PAGE 31 JUSTICE | BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO | PAGE 8 | PHOTO BY MARK CHAMBERLIN Court of second chances Darryl Ballard (pictured) says he knows he’s lucky that he’s not in prison. Ballard cussed out a Rochester police officer two years ago while the officer was engaged in an altercation with Ballard’s best friend. Ballard was arrested, too, and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. But it could have been much worse. “I could have been charged with a felony and I could have done real time,” he says. And that might have been Ballard’s fate if not for the Rochester Teen Court. Ballard is one of more than 1,000 area teens who have participated in the court since it began 15 years ago. Ballard says that the court helped him get counseling to control his anger, and he credits it with giving him a second chance. “If it wasn’t for Teen Court, I don’t know where I’d be right now,” he says. “My life wasn’t going well.”

October 2-8, 2013 - City Newspaper

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