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EVENTS: CLOTHESLINE FESTIVAL, ANTIQUARIAN BOOK FAIR 22 FILM: “CLOSED CIRCUIT,” WITNESS PALESTINE 28 URBAN JOURNAL: OBAMA, SYRIA, AND CONGRESS 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 SVET • D.O.A. • LANDMARK • SEPTEMBER 4-10, 2013 Free TURTLE HILL FOLK FESTIVAL • • THE BEAUTIFUL ENDING Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 42 No 52 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 News. Music. Life. I’m not generally one for omens, but I took this as a good one.” RESTAURANT REVIEW, PAGE 11 To Russia, with tough love. HUMAN RIGHTS, PAGE 5 Uninsured can start shopping soon. HEALTH CARE, PAGE 4 Wall\Therapy turns into Fall Therapy. ART NEWS, PAGE 8 Environmental warnings: Greentopia | FILM. PREVIEW, PAGE 20 INTERVIEW | BY RON NETSKY | PAGE 6 | PHOTO BY MIKE HANLON Unholy alliance Anthony Sciolino, a Rochester resident and retired New York State Family Court judge, has published “The Holocaust, The Church, And The Law Of Unintended Consequences: How Christian AntiJudaism Spawned Nazi Anti-Semitism.” The book paints a scathing picture of the Catholic Church’s anti-Jewish bias over many centuries. Its cover features a startling image of four Catholic priests raising their arms in the familiar “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute at a 1933 Catholic youth rally. But Sciolino is no anti-Catholic activist. He has a master’s degree from St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry and he is an ordained permanent deacon of the Roman Catholic Church, Diocese of Rochester. In a recent interview, Sciolino talked about the vilification of Jews in the New Testament; the encouragement of anti-Jewish bias by early theologians, church councils, and popes; Nazi laws against Jews derived from church tradition; and the Nazis’ use of torture techniques pioneered by the Holy Inquisition.

September 4-10, 2013 - City Newspaper

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