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EVENTS: GREEK FESTIVAL, “CALAMARI SISTERS” 19 RESTAURANT REVIEW: TEXAS BLUES BBQ 11 FILM: “WE HAVE A POPE,” “DARLING COMPANION” 26 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 39 AN IMPORTANT UPDATE ON CITY’S WEBSITE 2 Joe Brucato • Musica Spei • Mark Arnold • Dave & Marisa • Jonathan Coulton • and more music, page 12 may 30 - june 5, 2012 Free • Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • Vol 41 No 38 • News. Music. Life. The marketers have only gotten better at what they do.” ART REVIEW, PAGE 18 Rites and rights in the debate over same-sex marriage. COMMENTARY, PAGE 3 Just getting by on New York’s minimum wage. NEWS, PAGE 6 19th Ward seeks schools solution. NEWS, PAGE 5 Inside the 2012 Shaw Festival. THEATER PREVIEW, PAGE 22 EDUCATION | BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO | PAGE 8 | PHOTO BY MIKE HANLON A cultural gem in a high-tech hub To many people, Rochester Institute of Technology conjures up images of semi-conductors and circuit boards: it’s known for its technology muscle. Even the campus, with its sleek brick exterior, evokes a modern laboratory – maybe the last place you would expect to find a highly rated crafts school. But RIT just may be the perfect location for a crafts school. The School for American Crafts fuses centuries-old traditions with a wave of modern technology, and in the process has helped to preserve the value of what artisans make by hand. SAC is a little-known gem outside the world of arts and crafts. It is the oldest crafts school in the US, offering students BFA and MFA degree programs in glass, ceramics and ceramic sculpture, metal crafts and jewelry design, and woodworking and furniture design. Whether it’s a glass hot shop or a metal forge, students have a state-of-the-art facility at their fingertips where they can learn their craft, and yes, even find a path to employment. Pictured: Michael Migliorini and his glass work.

May 30 - June 5, 2012 - CITY Newspaper

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