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EVENTS: “WICKED,” EROTIC ARTS FESTIVAL 21 FILM: “G.I. JOE: RETALIATION” 27 RESTAURANT REVIEW: LA CASA RESTAURANT 9 URBAN JOURNAL: MARRIAGE AND THE COURT 3 CROSSWORD, NEWS OF THE WEIRD 35 GZA • STEPHANE WREMBEL APRIL 3-9, 2013 Free • • MEAT PUPPETS • BLIZARO • JACK QUARTET Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • Vol 42 No 30 AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 • News. Music. Life. It achieves a level of annoyance rarely encountered in the history of the cinema.” FILM REVIEW, PAGE 26 Cuomo compromises on IDA reform. NEWS, PAGE 4 Ren Square buildings likely headed to auction. DEVELOPMENT, PAGE 5 Warren has change of heart on marriage equality. POLITICS, PAGE 5 Finding the vision of sound. DANCE, PAGE 20 FEATURE | BY REBECCA RAFFERTY | PAGE 10 | PHOTO BY MATT DETURCK Man made: artists redefine craft stereotypes If the word “craft fair” brings up imagery of all things sweet, delicate, and pretty, with hair clips, jewelry, knittery, and journals, think again. While it may be true that the local-focusing craft markets have been mini-femme fests, lately there has been an increase in male artists mixed in with the gals. The following article features four Rochester-based creator dudes who have been spotted at Rochester’s indie-art fairs, makers of fascinating work that transcends the niches from which they arose. Find out about Robert Rogalski’s Hobbit hole-like dollhouses and other detailed works (pictured above), Gil Merritt’s ambitious and addictive Chenille Macabre figurines, and the intricate found-object musical instruments made by the duo known as Man Crafts. Check out the online version of this article at, where you can watch videos of an Amputheatre game in action, as well as cigar-box guitars being played, and view photo slideshows of more of the artwork discussed inside.

April 3-9, 2013 - City Newspaper

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