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EVENTS: ROC CITY BREWFEST, FEBRUARY BREAK EVENTS 20 FILM: “SIDE EFFECTS,” “IDENTITY THIEF” 24 CHOW HOUND: ANGUS HOUSE & LOUNGE, MEDA ETHIOPIAN 11 URBAN JOURNAL: OUR STRESSED CITY 3 ROCHESTER THEATER HALL OF FAME: NOMINATE NOW 3 CROSSWORD 35 ANCHORAGE NEBRASKA • U OF R BRASS CHOIR FEBRUARY 13-19, 2013 Free • • LITTLE SPOON • RE:PERCUSSION Greater Rochester’s Alternative Newsweekly • • THE STYLISTICS Vol 42 No 23 • • AND MORE MUSIC, PAGE 12 News. Music. Life. I knew he could do it, I just didn’t realize how well.” MUSIC REVIEW, PAGE 13 Utilities deal under review. NEWS, PAGE 9 Here’s what Vargas meant. NEWS, PAGE 4 Historic boost for 19th Ward? NEWS, PAGE 5 Alarm Will Sound brings back 1969. CLASSICAL, PAGE 19 COVER STORY | BY TIM LOUIS MACALUSO | PAGE 6 | ILLUSTRATION BY MARK CHAMBERLIN Degrees of debt Melissa Nicholson had a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in education, and zero job prospects. “I discovered I couldn’t get a job just being certified to teach elementary school,” she says. “But I thought, ‘Even though I’m swamped in loans already, there’s no way I can turn back now that I’ve come this far.’” Nicholson went on to earn a post-graduate certification, but still hasn’t landed a permanent teaching job. She owes about $80,000 in student loans. It’s not hard to find people — some still in college and recent graduates — with $20,000 to $100,000 in student loans. Some economists call student debt the next economic crisis, warning that the bubble may be about to burst. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that unpaid debt on student loans is about $902 billion, but the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau says it tops $1 trillion. Some college administrators and financial aid officers say the problem of student debt is vastly overstated, but many students, parents, and educators strongly disagree.

February 13-19, 2013 - City Newspaper

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