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Summer 2013 Grateful Patient: Patti VanSickle Police officer Patti VanSickle was injured responding to a high school fight. Thanks to Ridgeview’s Emergency Department staff at Two Twelve Medical Center and Ridgeview Surgical Services, Patti feels great and is anxious to report back to duty this month. When a police officer responded to a fight at an area high school last March, her goal was to make sure everyone walked away from the incident safely. Patti VanSickle, the school liaison officer on duty, wasn’t so lucky that day. In fact, she couldn’t walk at all. “I pulled a student from the chaos and in the process, the student went one way and my ankle went the other way,” said VanSickle. “I heard the crack and immediately I knew.” She called for back-up and within minutes got the support she needed—including an ambulance and two paramedics. She knew them personally and trusted their advice when they recommended driving her to Ridgeview’s Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska. “I wasn’t familiar with the facility since I live in Savage, but I was grateful it was so close and had the highly regarded emergency care I needed,” VanSickle said. felt—including her ankle. From surgery to recovery room to private room, “I believed I was in the best hands,” she said. Her helpful aids after surgery and release from the hospital included a knee scooter, walker and shower stool from Ridgeview Home Medical Equipment, along with occupational therapy through Ridgeview Rehab Specialties. Those items were a big help for VanSickle. But when your mobility basically comes to a screeching halt, it’s winter in Minnesota and you have a heavy leg cast on for eight weeks, VanSickle attests, “You can get crabby.” Dr. Barnett recommended an at-home therapy regime that he knew VanSickle would strictly follow, not only because of her profession, but also because her livelihood was at stake. X-rays confirmed a broken ankle and triggered VanSickle’s two main worries: work and workouts. “I thought to myself, ‘was I going to be able to return to normal?’” After nearly four months of determination, effort and continued focus on a successful outcome, VanSickle is happy to report she’ll be returning to active duty this month. Thankfully, VanSickle said Ridgeview’s Emergency Department staff at Two Twelve Medical Center made her immediately comfortable and carefully orchestrated her care from there. “The efficiency, personal attention and expertise was the best experience,” VanSickle said. “The entire Ridgeview Medical Center system is top-notch,” she said. “I’m thankful I had the medical staff that I did. They made the whole experience extremely positive.” She was transported to Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia, where orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Robert Barnett, Twin Cities Orthopedics, put her back together again. From the doctors and nurses to the anesthesiologist, VanSickle applauded them and how well everything VanSickle isn’t crabby anymore because she’s mobile. And her worries are gone now too—she gets to go back to work and hop back on the treadmill thanks to the dedicated, caring medical staff at Ridgeview Medical Center.

2013 Summer Focus

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