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Spring 2013 Grateful Patient Story: Jac Botes I remember Jac’s hands. They were amazing. From the moment we met, I felt the strength and comfort of his “everything-is-OK” hands, thinking they would guarantee a lifetime together of love, understanding and hope. But it was Jac who needed comfort and caring in the end. I’m a registered nurse and was optimistic to help him through it all—until I knew I needed the extra help. That’s when I turned to Ridgeview Home Health Services. Jac worked on the South African Railways and fought in the bush for the South African Commandos. He moved to Minnesota in the early 1980s and—though we met later in life—I believe it was destiny. We traveled to South Africa together after we were married. It was there where I fully realized he was not only a loving father, grandfather, uncle, brother and dear friend to many, he was my everything. When Jac’s health slowly and steadily spiraled downward with no diagnosis in sight, it was wonderful to have resources in our own backyard when we needed them. From nurses and bath aides to therapists and volunteers, the staff was lifesaving to me and I believe uplifting for Jac. They also became my reality check. When Home Health alone wasn’t enough for Jac, the same caring staff recommended the transition to Ridgeview Hospice. It was seamless. We retained the same heartwarming staff we had come to know and love, which really was the greatest gift of all. For me, hospice meant big things, from medical expertise to emotional support. It meant little things too, from typing a family call list to getting a fountain Coke for Jac. Everyone went above and beyond what I’ve ever seen in my field of work. I’ll never forget it. Jac lovingly took care of me. I’m grateful to Ridgeview for taking care of him – and me – when we needed it most. Jac’s “everythingis-OK” hands became frail and weak in the end, but the comfort of Ridgeview Hospice gave us new strength and peace. I’ll always remember Jac for our wonderful life together and the music and humor he loved so much. And I’ll thank Ridgeview’s special hospice staff. In honor of Jac, Sandra L. Botes

2013 Spring Focus

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