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Group Learning Experience Engage with Holistic Christian Spirituality in a Week-Long Formation Program We are transformed when we risk crossing boundaries of comfort and predictability. Cities like San Francisco are a microcosm of diversity and global cultures that reflect the beauty and shadows of our humanity.  How can we resonate with the heart of God and God’s kingdom dream as we open ourselves to the wonder and brokenness revealed in city streets? As a center for Integral Christian Practice, ReImagine’s mission is to help people become more fully human through engagement with the life and teachings of Jesus. We do this through inviting participants into a series of retreats, learning labs, conversations and projects to help integrate the teachings of Jesus into every aspect of life through shared practices and community experiments. For visiting groups, we offer an intensive learning experience designed to engage participants with intentional, holistic and We Welcome Groups of All Ages & Backgrounds incarnational Christian practices. We find these trips highly formative for participants as they daily encounter and wrestle with how to live out the teachings of Jesus in varied contexts. While our curriculum is set in the urban environment of San Francisco, a major learning goal for the week is to help participants apply these tenants and practices to their own home context and ministry. We focus the week on five themes we see in the life of Jesus: compassion, justice, creativity, community and prayer. Each day includes a mix of scriptural study, prayer, a active practices and group reflection the day’s experiences. Program designed by Mark Scandrette, author of FREE, Practicing the Way of Jesus and Soul Graffiti. We also feature local leaders throughout the week who live out these themes in their communities. Curious about the layout of the week? See the next page for a full schedule! The Basic Numbers: 12 - 25 Days of Program 5 Ages of Participants 13 & Up ReImagine Staff Leaders 2 Participants PROGRAM PRICES $70 PER PARTICIPANT PER DAY +AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION IF REQUIRED Over the past 7 years, we’ve hosted learning experiences for: • • • • • Students from Nashville, TN Students from various colleges in California and Oregon (Westmont, Vanguard, George Fox) Post-college church interns and leaders from Austin, Salt Lake City and Colorado Springs Groups of pastors on continuing education experiences Doctoral students from Fuller Theological Seminary

Reimagine Group Learning Experience

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