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Regis University Annual Report 2012-2013 The 2012-2013 academic year was one of many accomplishments achieved through the tireless work, talents, and commitment of faculty, staff, students, donors, alumni, and friends. While this is a large representative sample, we know there are many more things to celebrate that are not included in this report. If you want to let the authors know of successes not found here, please click on the “Regis Rising” website ( and send responses via the “What Do You Think?” link. Regis University by the numbers 2012-2013 $160 million 88% 10,000 3,000 2,000 1,000 1,800 68,733 26% 11% 4% 14% 4% 7,909 3,419 78 $149 million 139,000 2,359 $4.3 million $1 million $1.37 million 121 228 15 2 40 20 2,800 42,000 252 University annual budget Revenue from tuition CPS students RHCHP students RC students Faculty and staff Affiliate faculty Alumni Students of color Faculty of color Increase in student racial diversity over three years Percent students of color who are Hispanic Increase in Hispanic student body over three years Course sections taught Degrees awarded Students who studied abroad in Europe and Latin America Financial Aid processed Student community service hours Faculty and staff mission leave hours Gifts to Regis Unrestricted annual fund goal Faculty academic grants Faculty publications Faculty conference presentations, performances and exhibits Regis faculty and staff contributions to Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal Faculty Fulbright Awards Mentor/Protégé pairs in the University Mentoring Program Romero House anniversary Lowell Campus meetings scheduled Entries to the fitness center Office environments moved to Clarke Hall 1

Regis University Annual Report | August 2013

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