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N The evarmore Ravenscroft School We got him! 7409 Falls of Neuse Road Bin Laden’s Lair. Photo by MCT Campus Navy Seals mission to kill Osama successful AUSTIN HILL A STAFF WRITER s Randy Marsh said in South Park Season 14 episode 9, “We got him!” On May 1st 2011, Osama bin Laden was killed by the Navy Seals’ elite counter-terrorism unit, Team Six, which is comprised of 20 Navy Seals under the of the command of CIA Director Leon Panetta. Briefed on the target identity during the flight in, the members of Team Six engaged bin Laden and three subordinates, who used women as shields, in a 40 minute firefight on Sunday night. Upon the president’s announcement, hundreds gathered outside to the White House to celebrate in a collective sigh of relief. However, there is still worry as to if bin Laden is more dangerous as a man or a martyr as his followers may strike back. But we cannot stop and celebrate indefinitely. Bill Pruden, Head of Upper School and former History Instructor, offers the quite valid opinion that “while taking down bin Laden is a good strategy… the war isn’t over.” And he’s right, the terrorists operate in cells around the world such that if one goes down, it has no effect on the next one two states away. Bin Laden was more a figure head at this point and was much like a celebrity to jihadists. No doubt this is a psychological victory for the United States. However, the big question now is whether or not this is a viable tactic, pitting nations against individuals? Bin Laden was and has been the face of Al-Qaeda for decades, but it has been asked if our handling of the terror leader was ethical. The truth is that he was living in comfort in a rich Pakistani suburb for the last few years of his life, surrounded by his aids, hardly a lone wolf against the entire western world. Secondly, despite his loss of communication (the compound had no phone or internet access) demoting him to more of a figure head, bin Laden’s revered status as a former leader and terror mastermind made him not only a slight strategic INSIDE... ills W r o Seni win but an emotional victory for the United States and allies and a severe blow to jihadist moral. The body of bin Laden was buried at sea in an undisclosed location. CBS news reported that many are critical of this decision. Muslim clerics claim that the U.S. violated Islamic burial practice while family members of 9/11 victims saw it as a sign of respect that bin Laden did not deserve. It also provides many skeptics with ammunition for a conspiracy theory. President Obama explained the decision on the May 8th broadcast of 60 Minutes as follows: “The decision to bury the body of Osama bin Laden at sea was a respectful and appropriate way that contrasted sharply with the terrorist’s disregard for the 3,000 people who perished - some never to be found - in the 9/11 massacre he masterminded.” He explained that Americans handled the situation in a way that reflects our country’s belief system. Cartoon from MCT Campus Student Art Sale benefits Habitat for Humanity Pages 10 & 11 Pages 14 - 19 May 2011

The Nevarmore, May 2011

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