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Celebrating the Holidays in the Harbor Area By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor W San Pedro Holiday Spirit Parade 2011. Photo: Jessie Drezner, contributing photographer. Celebrating the Holidays/ to p. 2 By Zamná Ávila, Assistant Editor M “They’ve threatened people’s jobs, they’ve tried lowering people’s hours—their actual rate of pay— they’ve flipped their schedules around, they’ve intimidated them,” said Greg Fletcher, who works at a Walmart in the City of Duarte. “What I’ve experienced in my store was basically mocking and insults from my superior management. They have called members of our group lazy, they’ve called us losers, they’ve even compared us to the KKK.” The Rev. Eric Lee, president of the Los Angeles chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference spoke at the Black Friday rally and demonstration, seeking to place the labor struggle against Walmart in the context of the economic rights that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was transitioning before he was assassinated “This is Dr. King’s organization,” Lee said of Walmart Workers Strike Back/ to p. 1 6 November 30 - December 13, 2012 More than 800 OUR Walmart demonstrators turned out Black Friday on Nov. 23, demanding respect for its associates, full time status and benefits for more workers. Photo: Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor ore than 800 people gathered Black Friday, Nov. 23, at the Walmart parking lot in Paramount to voice their discontent with the retailer’s treatment of its employees. The demonstration joined others that spanned 46 states. Nine people were arrested for obstructing traffic on Lakewood Avenue in front of the Walmart. For years, protestors say, Walmart has subjected its associates to sub-living wages and benefits and blocked their efforts to unionize. OUR Walmart, an organization of Walmart employees backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, has staged these demonstrations without seeking union recognition. The workers say they are protesting the company’s attempts to silence and retaliate for speaking out. The Local Publication You Actually Read inter Wonderland Park is set for the morning and afternoon at Wilmington Waterfront Park. Later that evening, the Afloat Parade is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Port of Los Angeles spokesman Phillip Sanfield said that Wilmington Winter Wonderland event started at Bayview Park about five years ago. POLA would truck in 20 tons of snow and make little hills for children, mostly younger than 12, to play in. Cognizant that many of the children who will be coming have not ever previously played in snow before, the port will be providing winter equipment such as gloves. There also will be a car seat giveaway and car seat instruction workshop. The port is expecting an attendance of 2,500 children. There will also be a Christmas tree giveaway provided by city agencies.

RLn 11-29-12 Edition

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