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s Food Trucks and Art Walks: Is the Honeymoon Over? p. 2 Study Show Affordable Housing May Not Be So Affordable p. 6 Nu Generation of Zydeco Artists Taking Over LB Bayou Festival p. 11 Shakespeare By The Sea Celebrates 15 Years In the Half Shell p. 15 By Terelle Jerricks, Managing Editor The delirium of USS Iowa fever is running hot in the Los Angeles Harbor and will probably continue to do so until its official grand opening over the Fourth of July weekend. But there’s an equally important date fast approaching: The grand opening of Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles­— potentially the largest and most significant showcase for handmade crafts in Southern California. This isn’t a venue for cheap knockoffs and mass produced trinkets with “Made in (fill in the blank)” stickers slapped on them. We’re talking about handmade, handcrafted objects made in the United States that are utilitarian in nature while embodying the crafter’s inspiration. These kinds of crafted works range from wearable art to furniture, and from soap to desserts made from liquor. In the past, the Art Walk has flirted with the idea of incorporating a craft dimension to the First It’s Not a Swap Meet/to p. 5 The Local Publication You Actually Read June 15 - 28, 2012 Graphic: Mathew Highland 1

RLn 06-14-12 Edition

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