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The collection of essays generally known as the Mauerhakenstreit, the “Piton Dispute,” as translated by Randolph Burks, with photographs selected by the translator. Paul Preuss Artificial Aid on Alpine Routes By Paul Preuss1 No long philosophical meditations on Alpine questions will I bring here; no attacks that shall cause the cornerstones of a proud decades-old building to shake. Only ideas, ideas that always impose themselves upon me when I'm in the midst of the most active hustle and bustle of mountain climbing, shall be loosely united here. Yet I myself can't say whether the portrait I'm sketching is entirely clear, but it seems to me that the individual ideas can be united quite well into a general portrait. One thing only do I know: that I stand just about alone in my opinions, and whenever I expressed something of them, the answer was always: “Quite an ideal point of view, but a crazy notion.”

Preuss, Paul. The Piton Dispute

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