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W E D N E S D A , Y J A N U A R Y 1 6 , 2 0 1 3 $1888 $3845 Transmission FLUSH 604-273-1071 ONLY VALID AT 5651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond YOUR SOURCE FOR LOCAL SPORTS , NEWS , W E AT H E R AND E N T E RTA I N M E N T ! WWW .RICHMOND-NEWS.COM CHUNG CHOW/ RICHMOND NEWS A statue of a fisherman from days gone by sits under a tree and appears to look out at fishing boats of today moored at Steveston’s Fisherman’s wharf. City plans for social needs of 2022 As Richmond grows so does demand for accessibility, affordable housing and more BY PHILIP RAPHAEL W Special to the News hat will Richmond be like a decade from now when it comes to providing social services for its residents? A sweeping document compiled by the city intended as a guide to the decision-making process on future social services is designed to answer that question. Called Building Our Social Future—A Social Development Strategy for Richmond, it envisions the Richmond of 2022 as an engaged and caring community. In order to help achieve that, the city is now embarking on getting feedback from Richmond’s host of community service organizations, finding out what they believe will be required as the demographics and needs of the local population shift and grow. It’s quite a challenge, but one the city needs to undertake to ensure social services remain relevant and effective, said Coun. Bill McNulty who chairs Richmond’s planning committee. “This will give us focus and direction of what the city’s responsibility is,” said McNulty. “Too often, people think the city should be doing everything, including the other levels of government because we’ve had a lot of down- loading over the last 20 years.” services issues. McNulty added that the city has been “And to be part of this is a continuation of “more than generous in the social services what (the city) do well in bringing all of us area, but we have a long way to go yet. together to review things that will affect us in “We’re a very large city now. We’re over the future,” he said. 200,000 people and with that comes many of The big challenge is always staying on the social services responsibilities.” top of accessibility issues, he added, many of The document that city council reviewed which are upheld by laws. at Monday night’s meet“In that case it’s up to ing — described as a social those of us with disabilities development equivalent to to speak up when we come an official community plan across situations where we — has been in the making for see the laws are not being the past year. kept up, or people are abusThe next six weeks are ing it,” Miele said. earmarked for public consulAsked what he’d like to tation. Then the document add on the social services will be sent back to city staff ledger as he gazes into the — Vince Miele for any changes before it future, Miele said education comes back before city counwould be high on his list. cil for adoption. “Something that we (the disabled com“I think it’s all-encompassing,” McNulty munity) always seem to have a challenge with said. “The outstanding thing is it defines the is attitudes,” Miele said. “They are certainly city’s role and resources, and where we can changing. But attitudes are maybe a little more make an impact. But we are only one of the difficult to change than architectural barriers.” partners.” For example, that can include understandOne of those groups planning to provide ing why disabled parking spots are set aside in input is Richmond Centre for Disability whose public areas. board chair, Vince Miele, said the city has “Some people don’t care, they just want see MacDonald page 4 been proactive in the past at addressing social “...attitudes are maybe a little more difficult to change than architectural barriers.” Filming the difference Students at Hugh Boyd secondary win international recognition for video about their humanitarian projects. 3 Zipping away Embrace your inner superhero and try the ziplines in Puerto Rico, home to some of the highest lines in the Western world. 16 Eight and counting There’s a good reason why the Richmond Sockeyes did little at the PIJHL roster deadline as the league’s hottest team has not lost since Dec. 21. 21 Index News Editorial Letters Youth Views Travel Sports Classified 3 8 9 13 16 21 23 AUTO WEST BMW RING IN THE NEW YEAR WITH SAVINGS. see Steves page 4 Auto West BMW JL+)L dX.W26 ]SXUT ]2V3.S-U ,LDPH+FPHHJ+ XIKSE6MKW.EPVS. see Dad page 4 2013 BMW 328i xDrive Sedan Classic Line Demo ;`$\` 7$Y:`9[N.SP ;`$\` ]$[` 399 3.9% $ * * $7] D) :89[>\ 98Rd>$]?` 2,000 $ ** 87[=89 d]`b=[ NO-CHARGE SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE 4 Year / 80,000 km _;6XM6 OXK6M XO6 K3SM6 S556O6U WA ":Z @2-X-V2X/ \6OG2V6M S-/A S- XQQOSG6U VO6U2KP 7O2V6& 'F(T,DBP)LP FP(% /6XM6T D) .S-K3MT JHTLLL0.NAOP bSE- QXA.6-K& 'HTJ,+P(+P JMK .S-K3!M /6XM6 QXA.6-KT 5O6243K # 7b= c'HTF(BaT XU.2-2MKOXK2S- V3XO46M X-U KXC6M 6CKOXP [SKX/ /6XM6 VSMK& 'H+TF)(P)BP ]6M2UIX/ GX/I6& 'HFTLFLP)LP __$QQ/26M KS /6XM6T 52-X-V6T X-U VXM3 QIOV3XM6 KOX-MXVK2S-M S- M6/6VK -6E HLJF F \6O26M .SU6/MP 8556O 2M MIW16VK KS XGX2/XW2/2KA X-U .XA W6 VX-V6//6U SO V3X-46U E2K3SIK -SK2V6P `OOSOM X-U S.2MM2S-M 6CV6QK6UP b6/2G6OA .IMK W6 KX06- WA <X-P FJT HLJFP \KSV0 *& >FJHBHP ^ISK6 *& DT(+DT,LBP b6X/6O )JJFP

Richmond News January 16 2013

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