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Tuesday, November 13, 2012 A townhall meeting attracted residents concerned about a Fraser Valley pipeline expansion. Page A7 • LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS, WEATHER AND ENTERTAINMENT • • 604-463-2281 • 28 PAGES More Photos Online Roxanne Hooper/TIMES Pitt Meadows City Mayor Deb Walters is impressed with the number of youth who are taking part in Remembrance Day ceremonies, including Spark Talia Taylor, five, and her nine-week-old Australian puppy Kyber. Sherry Boudreau (above) was also among those from Pitt Meadows who attended the service, laying a poppy in honour of two special friends who were in the U.S. military. Pitt Meadows Services all about remembering A large crowd gathered at Spirit Square to pay tribute to servicemen and women, past and present. still one that’s missing.” Boudreau grew up in Ontario, but lived in the U.S. for part of her adult life, before returning to Canada. She’s attends services every year, including the past five here since settling in Pitt Meadows. Each year, Boudreau by Roxanne Hooper lays a poppy in honour of her best friend Carl, a marine sniper who went missing Tears fell onto a tiny teddy bear that three and half years ago. He was lost durSherry Boudreau squeezed to her face as ing his duties in the Middle East. she bowed her head and tried to hide her She also pays tribute to another friend, emotions from onlookers. Cheyenne, who while serving in the U.S. Like many of the people at the Pitt army became the first prisoner of war in Meadows Remembrance Day services, Desert Storm. this 45-year-old woman found it difficult After 9-11, Boudreau self-published a not to get choked up during the services book of poems, Written in Blood, that tells held at the cenotaph at Pitt a series of veteran Meadows’ Spirit stories and talks Square on Sunday. about the sacrifi“I came from a ces they made. All More Remembrance Day coverage long line of… well 200 copies were inside today’s issue it’s been part of who sold, and the I am as long as I can rememmoney donated ber,” said the self-proclaimed, pro-military to the United Service Organization (USO) patriot. and veteran affairs. Wearing a camoflague jacket bearing Now, she’s in the process of penning the Second Marine, military division crest, another book on the subject, hopeful it Boudreau said: “The people I wear this for will be picked up by a publishing house to were very, very close to me, and there’s ensure wider distribution and more money See more inside… for the cause so dear to her heart. While he wore a beige trench coat to “It’s been sort of a personal mission to guard against the morning’s cold air, his make sure everyone remembers how and chest of medals spoke to his years of serwhy we have our freedoms. It came with vice as he stood next to his wife Shannon a huge price,” she said, taking a poppy off in the largest ever crowd of people circling her fluffy companion and laying it on the the cenotaph. cenotaph after the services had “It’s well attended, and it ended and masses had retreated. shows people here appreci“It’s time more people woke ate not only the service of the up and realized they are free, Canadian Forces, but the RCMP not just because we are born and the firemen – people who in Canada. We’re free because risk their lives every day – those someone paid with their lives who are part of the fabric of and their blood to give us what this community.” we have.” The City’s mayor, Deb Boudreau was just one of Walters, was impressed, in parabout a thousand people at the ticular, by the number of young Pitt Meadows’ Remembrance people and families in attendDay services on Nov. 11, many ance. Serge Touchette of them in attendance because “We’re not forgetting our vetRetired army major of personal connections to erans, even though time moves past or present members of the on,” she said. “We’re starting Canadian Forces or other military. to lose our veterans, but it’s nice to know Retired Major Serge Touchette, for they’ll always be remembered.” instance, served with the army for 38 Walters said the crowd continues to years and five months as a member of the grow year after year, and part of this French Canadian Royal 22 Regiment. year’s success could be credited to the After years of peacekeeping duties in weather. While the rain held off all morEastern Canada, the U.S., the Middle East, ning, a light shower began to fall as the and Europe, he retired to Pitt Meadows. crowd disperse. Don’t miss important information from Maple Ridge Downtown BIA on page A14 and A15 Online, all the time... iPAD 3 Your BEST Mortgage is One Call Away WITH EVERY VEHICLE PURCHASED!! “In-stock models only” 604-466-1976 Donna Telep 22718 Lougheed Hwy. Maple Ridge Fax: 604-466-5348 • Email:

Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times November 13 2012

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