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Palo Alto 6ÂœÂ?°Ê888]ĂŠ ՓLiÀÊ£ÇÊUĂŠ>Â˜Ă•>ÀÞÊÓÇ]ÊÓä£ÓÊN xäZ Recycling Center to close Feb. 1 Page 3 w w w.PaloA Learning the language One-third of Palo Alto students speak a language at home that’s not English page 18 S WOMEN IN BUSINESS 10 Spectrum 14 Eating Out 26 Movies 27 Puzzles 53 NArts Modern twist at Pan-Asian Music Festival Page 22 NSports Soccer goal is to shed bridesmaid role Page 28 NHome Time for a nice cuppa tea? Page 33

Palo Alto Weekly 01.27.2012 - Section 1

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