Issuu on Google+ Palo Alto 6ÂœÂ?°Ê888]ĂŠ ՓLiÀÊ{äÊUĂŠĂ•Â?ÞÊn]ÊÓ䣣 N 50¢ City challenges housing goals Page 3 Turning the page Downtown Library reopens, equipped for the future page 16 SUPPORTLOCALJOURNALISM.ORG Spectrum 12 Eating Out 24 ShopTalk 25 Movies 26 Puzzles 55 NArts New musical takes ight Page 21 NSports Stanford divers make a splash Page 29 NHome Lovely homes and trees in Crescent Park Page 37

Palo Alto Weekly 07.08.2011 - Section 1

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