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1 special REPORT SUPPLEMENT TO September , 201 2 THURSday, September 20, 2012 l The Man Behind the Image CHAPTER i A childhood of privilege, not hardship. P. 3 u Myth of the ‘rock-star’ professor. P. 4 u CHAPTER 3 The 1997 speech that launched Obama. P. 5 u CHAPTER 4 Defense attorney for Chicago slumlord. P. 6 u CHAPTER 5 Obama’s toughest critics on the Left. P. 7 u CHAPTER 6 The poor people Obama left behind. P. 8 u CHAPTER 7 Myth of Obama as state Senate reformer. P. 9 u CHAPTER 8 Using state pensions to help friends. P. 10 u CHAPTER 9 Obama’s Arab-American network. P. 11 u conclusion Obama brings Chicago to Washington. P. 12 T H E Wa sh i n g t o n E X AMINER CHAPTER 2 l

The Man Behind the Image

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