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OHLONE COLLEGE MONITOR THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2013 Vol. XLVI No. 4 The women’s volleyball team is tearing through the regular season. See story on page 7. THE OHLONE PANTRY FREMONT, CA OHLONEMONITOR.COM BOARD OF TRUSTEES Feeding California college students TOP aims to help those in need Salary hike for Ohlone employees Board approves 1.57 percent pay increase for faculty, staff LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief In this day and age it is hard to believe that someone can be without food. Yet many Americans fight a daily battle over where their next meal is going to come from. The Ohlone Pantry workers are doing the best they can to make sure this is not a trend that will affect students here. Last year, the pilot run of Continued on page 3 LOUIS LAVENTURE AND TAM DUONG JR. / MONITOR The Board of Trustees on Wednesday night ratified agreements that will raise salaries for full-time and part-time employees 1.57 percent across the board. Ohlone Community College District and the United Faculty of Ohlone reached a tentative agreement that was ratified by union members before being approved by the board during its meeting Wednesday night at the Newark campus. The increase will be retroactive to Aug. 1. The cost of the salary increase amounts to an additional $313,114 per year out of Ohlone’s budget. Unrepresented employees and members of the California School Employees Association and the Service Employees International Union also received 1.57 percent salary bumps. Those increases are retroactive to July 1, and will cost the district an additional $238,206 combined. The extra costs created by the salary hikes already were incorporated into the 2013-2014 budget, which was approved at the last Board of Trustees meeting on Sept. 11 at the Fremont campus. Counselor Susan Myers was a key member of the Ohlone negotiating team. “We certainly had different opinions about a lot of items,” Myers said. “I can say, everything that we were able to negotiate in our final agreement was something that was agreeable to both sides involved.” STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASOC boasts yearly budget of $113K MARISSA MARTIN News editor The Associated Students of Ohlone College will spend $113,600 this school year on everything from campus events to graduation. Nearly half of the ASOC budget, approved by the Board of Trustees in June, will go toward four areas: $20,000 in money requests, $16,000 for a part-time student worker, $10,000 for the student handbook and $10,000 for campus events. Other big-ticket items include exhibits, festivals and programs. While ASOC’s income might seem like a lot, the budget actually has decreased over the past five years To see the full ASOC budget visit our website at During the 2008-2009 school year, ASOC took in $136,400. Since then, the budget has dropped nearly $23,000. In fact, the student government was taking in more money as far back as 1998-1999, when its budget was $120,619. According to Debbie Trigg, ASOC adviser and the director of Extended Opportunities Programs and Services, money for big-ticket items such as money requests used to be upward of $60,000. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that ASOC has a huge budget – they do a lot of stuff,” Ohlone student Tristan Gamez said. “I just never really thought about where the money came from and how it was actually being used.You kind of just assume they have the students’ best interest in mind.” The budget committee, Continued on page 3 SRUTHIE KONDAMOORI / MONITOR Nearly half of the ASOC budget will go toward four major areas.

Ohlone College Monitor, October 10, 2013

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