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OHLONE COLLEGE THURSDAY MONITOR SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 Vol. XLVI No. 2 FREMONT, CA OHLONEMONITOR.COM Campus prepares for traffic slowdown LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief City of Fremont officials are warning Ohlone students and staff to beware of traffic slowdowns because of repairs to Mission Boulevard on Friday, Saturday and Monday. Friday’s work, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., will slow down traffic at the Southbound I-680 exit onto Mission Boulevard. Officials advise anyone going to Ohlone to use a different Continued on Page 3 TAM DUONG JR. / MONITOR Workshop seeks to prevent harassment MITCHELL WALTHER Staff writer With so many cultures weaving in and out of Ohlone’s halls, unity and diversity are forced to walk hand-in-hand. How can we be so different, yet find a way to work together every day? Last week, attorney Eileen O’Hare came to our campus to talk about the issues of free speech and hate speech in social media, and how everyone can try to create a culture of respect. Her workshop, titled “Creating a Culture of Respect: preventing harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the academic setting,” delivered a hopeful message to the Ohlone community. A student population is a “snapshot of an organic being,” said O’Hare, who has more than 20 years experience with community college law. To her, the students are more than just numbers, and relationships are more than just rules to follow. While the session with O’Hare was filled mainly with teachers, students were always on everyone’s minds. “Diversity is about who’s at the table,” O’Hare said. “Inclusion is about how we’re planning the meal.” You need to keep everyone in mind, she said, and that means taking everything into consideration. O’Hare’s presentation sought to equip teachers with the tools to foster true equality, what she called “inclusion.” When asked if that means Ohlone is like a melting pot, O’Hare was quick to shoot this comparison down. She said the college is more like a collection of cheeses: spectacular together, but you wouldn’t throw us all into one pot. If we were tossed into a fondue together, you’d lose the accents that make us all special, and end up with a mess. Besides promoting a sense of creativity, teachers should carefully examine the words they use, O’Hare said. She explained that certain phrases, while attempting to make us seem open-minded, could just as easily look purposely offensive. Whenever we lump a group of people together, we demote a person to the level of a novelty. Every person is just a person, and it is wrong of us to label him or her as anything else, she said. Continued on Page 3 4 arrested in financial aid fraud LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief Federal officials have arrested four people on suspicion of conspiracy to commit financial aid fraud at Bay Area community colleges, including Ohlone. Kyle Edward Moore, 29, of Hayward; Marcel Devon Bridges, 26, of San Lorenzo; Derricka Lynn Fluker, 23, of Oakland; and Cortio Detrice Wade, 39, of Arizona, were arrested last week, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Wade was arrested in Phoenix and made her initial appearance there as well. Moore, Bridges and Fluker Continued on Page 3 Symphony to celebrate 50th birthday next month LOUIS LAVENTURE Editor-in-chief The Fremont Symphony Orchestra will kick off its golden anniversary celebrating 50 years of music next month at Ohlone College. Things will begin at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, with a performance entitled “World Tour: Unity” at the symphony’s home venue of the Smith Center at the Ohlone College Fremont campus. “This celebration of 50 years of the Fremont Symphony Orchestra honors the wide variety of cultures in our community and the rich musical traditions of our orchestra and celebrates our unity of spirit,” according to the symphony’s website. “There is nothing like music to show us that we are more alike than different.” The music will come from nearly every part of the world, from Russia to America, and includes selections from Indian composer A. R. Rahman’s Academy Award-winning film score for “Slum Dog Millionaire.” Rahman won Oscars for Best Original Score as well as Best Original Song at the 2009 Academy Awards for the music in the movie. The symphony’s website described the upcoming performance as, “A musical journey spanning more than 300 years and 12 countries, exploring the diversity and unity of the human spirit.” Music Director Gregory Van Sudmeier and Executive Director Lee Foster look to make the 50th year the best yet with their selection of music for the 2013 season. For more information about the Fremont Symphony Orchestra or to purchase tickets, call 877-938-9240 or 510371-4859, or go to SRUTHIE KONDAMOORI / MONITOR

Ohlone College Monitor, September 19, 2013

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