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2014 memorial Day edition honoring those who paid the ultimate price. VETS NEWS Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs SPRING 2014 Connect with ODVA news online: [web & eSubscribe] [blog] [fb] odvavet [twitter] @oregondva Oregon Applauds World War II Memorial Efforts as Photo by mike allegre. History is lifteD into Place The centerpiece of Oregon’s WWII Memorial -- a 33foot-tall, 20-ton granite obelisk -- was raised from a semi-trailer, above trees and laid into place on the memorial’s site in Willson Park at the Oregon State Capitol grounds in Salem on April 3. insiDe tHis issue By Mike Allegre SALEM – Nearly 75 onlookers braved the cold weather for three hours while standing outside the fence line at the site of Oregon’s World War II Memorial on April 3, to watch as the centerpiece was about to be put in place. What that group may not have been aware of was that they were watching a moment of state history unfold. At times it appeared as if the group was in some way urging the movement of the memorial’s 20-ton granite obelisk while it was slowly lifted from a semitruck and hoisted more than 40 feet above trees along Court Street. After the 33-foot obelisk was gently lowered and laid horizontally inside the middle of the memorial, the crowd seemed to give a collective sigh of relief. With cameras capturing the historic moment, the crane operator and ground crew patiently guided the obelisk to a vertical position, inched it to its pedestal and gently lowered it into place. The sound of applause signaled that the memorial’s five-sided obelisk was now in place, permanently fixed into our state's history. With the cold nearly forgotten, many of those who had watched this feat of meticulous engineering may have realized they had been part of the memorial’s history that only few could ever claim to have witnessed. Stepping back after obelisk stood in place, construction project manager Bob Plame was amazed and pleased by what he had seen. “It was challenging, but the hard part is over.” A Vietnam veteran, Plame was happy to say the project remained “on schedule and on budget.” This was not the first time the obelisk had captured the attention of a crowd in Oregon. During a statewide tour in 2013, the memorial's walls and obelisk were on display in cities large and small to to help raise awareness that the memorial was being built and to give an opportunity to those who may not have another opportunity, to see what would be build in honor of our state's see WWii memorial - Page 6 korean war vet finally receives medals More than 60 years later, two Purple Hearts and the Korean War service medal honors Mr. Robison's war time sacrifice and courage. Pg 3 70th anniversary of D-Day Among the tens of thousands who survived the invasion 70 years ago were two Oregonians. Their stories of that historic yet fateful day are on Pg 12 wwii photo album returned to japan Seven decades after a family photo album was found on an Okinawan beach by a Navy Officer, his family made the trip to return it to those who had lost so much. Pg 10

Vetsnews Spring Edition 2014

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