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69th back on the march, page 7 A Purple Heart search, page 11 PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Permit #3071 Syracuse, NY f l o o r nt !! Co t h ! rning g e n k a e Ta tre o are d S members ecruit wh ing. n E r n i d ra ar new Arm y Gu each Basi cT r o wo.) 00 f o rts t $2,0 d repo page t enlis Volume 15, Number 2 , ts an ee stor y (S March-April 2006 A 109th Airlift Wing LC-130 Hercules “Ski-bird� operates on an ice runway in Antarctica. The Wing recently ended its South Pole Operation Deep Freeze season and began its spring Greenland operations at the North Pole. Both operations provide valuable airlift support for the National Science Foundation. Photo by Maj. Mark Doll.

March - April 2006 Guard Times Magazine

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