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VOLUME 3 Vol. 4 No. 2 No. 1 August 2010 March 2011 AN NTEU & CAPA PUBLICATION FOR CASUAL AND SESSIONAL STAFF VOLUME 3 No. 2 August 2010 VOLUME 3 No. 2 August 2010 Researching Casual Academics Examining the causes and implications of the casualisation of academic employment Precarious Employment VOLUME 3 No. 2 August 2010 ACTU campaign focus on casual work Telling testimony La Trobe sessionals’ improved conditions Artful dodgers Underpayment in the UniSA School of Art Why I’m a member Feiyi Zhang Show me the money Base Funding Review submissions due soon Postgrads for hire Will work for soup Re-styled A new look for Connect and Unicasual read online at ISSN 1836-8522 (Print)/ISSN 1836-8530 (Online)

Connect, March 2011

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