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TECHNICIAN ď?´ď?¨ď?Ľ ď?łď?´ď?ľď?¤ď?Ľď?Žď?´ ď?Žď?Ľď?ˇď?łď?°ď?Ąď?°ď?Ľď?˛ ď?Żď?Ś ď?Žď?Żď?˛ď?´ď?¨ ď?Łď?Ąď?˛ď?Żď?Źď?Šď?Žď?Ą ď?łď?´ď?Ąď?´ď?Ľ ď?ľď?Žď?Šď?śď?Ľď?˛ď?łď?Šď?´ď?š ď?łď?Šď?Žď?Łď?Ľ ďœąďœšďœ˛ďœ° ď?´ď?¨ď?ľď?˛ď?łď?¤ď?Ąď?š ď?­ď?Ąď?˛ď?Łď?¨ ďœąďœš ďœ˛ďœ°ďœ°ďœš Raleigh, North Carolina New registration system will give helpful features Some students report having trouble with the system Samuel T.O. Branch Deputy News Editor Students registering for summer and fall classes will notice dramatic changes to the registration system according to Louis Hunt, vice provost and university registrar. Hunt said the changes in the system, such as automatic prerequisite enforcement and a wish list feature, have been in the works for several years. “The old system is old technology,â€? he said. “This system was purchased quite a while ago. It’s just a step in the integrating process.â€? The transition is part of a necessary updating of software on many University systems, Hunt said. Although the transition should be mostly beneficial, Hunt said, he warned it will also be tough. “This is a massive amount of change, the largest amount of change we’ve ever put the University through, and that is inherently difficult,â€? Hunt said. “We’re quite optimistic about the way things are going.â€? Janell Moretz-Henderson, an academic advisor for the College of Natural Resources, said she is hearing complaints from students. “The feedback I’ve gotten isn’t positive,â€? Moretz-Henderson said. “Students aren’t real crazy about it.â€? Upperclassmen in particular are having the most trouble, Moretz-Henderson said, because they are most accustomed to the older system. She said the system isn’t too hard, but it will take a lot of getting used to. “Once we get students acclimated to it, and we’re more accli- SOME FEATURES OF THE NEW SYSTEM r A wish list that students can fix r r r r before their window opens to make registration faster Extended waitlists until the fifth day of a class Swap feature so students don’t have to drop a class and then add one quickly Automatic prerequisite enforcement Access to the requirements of different degrees that are not a student’s particular major 4063$&+"/&--.03&5;ĹŹ)&/%&340/ "/%-06*4)6/5 mated will be a positive change,â€? Moretz-Henderson said. “It is an easier system, it is just retraining yourself.â€? The system is so different that all advisors had to go through a training process so they could educate students, Moretz-Henderson said. But Moretz-Henderson said the new features of the system are a plus, with beneficial changes on both the student and the faculty side of things. Some of the new benefits Moretz-Henderson and Hunt mentioned are extended waitlists until the fifth day of a class, a swap feature so students don’t have to drop a class and then add one quickly, automatic prerequisite enforcement and being able to access the requirements of different degrees that are not a student’s particular major, just to name a few. Some students, however, don’t even know about of most of these features. “I wasn’t even aware of those things. Maybe they could advertise about it more or put it in the tutorial,â€? DaSYSTEM continued page 3 5*.0#3*&/5&$)/*$*"/'*-&1)050 Kelli Rogers, Senate president pro tempore and chair of the select committee on hate crimes, speaks to television media following the almost unanimous vote to approve the Hate Crimes Bill of which she was instrumental in the creation Nov. 19. Rogers is running unopposed for Student Senate President. TEACHING ANIMAL RIGHTS Two elected positions go uncontested once again Student Senate President and Student Body Treasurer attract one candidate each in the student body elections Saja Hindi Editor-in-Chief (*/"7"$$"305&$)/*$*"/ Emily Cannady, a freshman in First Year College, speaks to vegetarian advocates in the Brickyard Tuesday. NCSU SPARC (Students Promoting Animal Rights Collectively) enlightens students about the science and ethics behind animal rights through interactive events such as lectures, films and social gatherings. “I ate fruit and vegetables for lunch today because the information I saw outside really impacted me,â€? Cannady said. Plans to ‘Freeze the Brickyard’ underway Group aims for laughs, lots of participation John Cline Staff Writer The Brickyard is going to freeze for the second time April 1. Zack Berman, a junior in biological science, and Riley Miller, a sophomore in aerospace engineering, are coordinating the effort for the “freezeâ€? with Berman in charge and Miller at second in command after leading last year. Freezing occurs when a group of people, all with synchronized watches and congregating in the same area,simply stop what they’re doing and stand completely still for five minutes, regardless of how those around them react. The trend began in 2002 when the group “Improv Everywhereâ€? from New York successfully froze Grand +"40/$-"3%:5&$)/*$*"/"3$)*7&1)050 Jonathan Mucci, then a junior in history, freezes in the Brickyard during last year’s Freeze the Brickyard event. Mucci said the event, which took place March 19, 2008., was really hyped up on Facebook. Central Station and the video gained wide play on YouTube, with 16,107,979 hits so far. “I first got the idea last year when my uncle showed me the [Grand Central] video,â€? Miller said.â€?I just thought, we can totally do this, so we gave it a try.â€? According to Miller, the event took off better than hoped. “When I started the group last year, I was hoping for maybe 80 Grad Fa ir Balfour CB Graduation Announcements RĂŠsumĂŠ Critique people at the most,â€? he said. “But within two nights after creating the group it had about 500 members. It was ridiculous.â€? Only about 150 of those showed up for the event last year, according to Berman. “Last year it got hype, but we started it too soon and the hype had time to die down,â€? Berman said. “This year I took the initiative and got the officers and everyone more organized. I also picked April Fool’s Day so it would stick in people’s minds.â€? Miller said the event has grown substantially from last years event. “We already have over 800 people in the Facebook group, and there’s still over two weeks to go,â€? he said. “Optimistically we’re hoping to see insidetechnician FREEZE continued page 3 NC State Bookstores ur Mark Yo rs! a d n Cale This year’s Student Senate president and student body treasurer positions are uncontested, as ended up being the case during last year’s student body elections. For Student Senate president, Kelli Rogers, Student Senate pro tempore and junior in political science, is the only candidate. And for student body treasurer, Elmo Lamm, Student Senate Finance Committee chair and freshman in business management, is the only candidate. Andrew Tucker, Elections Commission chair and senior in political science, attributed two main reasons to this — those running projected themselves to other members of Student Government clearly and these two positions have qualifications candidates could only have obtained through prior Student Government experience. “Treasurer is an awkward position. It’s a lot of work, a lot of managerial work, particularly,â€? Tucker said. “Senate president is very internal. You do have to be a senator for the majority of the previous year to run.â€? But, he said he thinks this year in particular, others who may have thought about running saw that the two students who had already declared their intent to run for those positions were qualified. “I feel like there’s a certain APRIL 14 - 16 10am - 4pm amount of prowess and experience required for Senate president and treasurer,â€? Tucker said. Rogers said she is qualified for the job not only because of her experience. “Why I think I’m qualified is because I still have the passion and the drive and the motivation to see Senate become and do more than it has in the past two years,â€? she said. And though Rogers said she is relieved she doesn’t have to run a campaign and thinks part of the reason no one else is running is because of the prerequisites of the position, it isn’t the best scenario. “I do believe in competition when it comes to student leader roles and student leader positions,â€? she said. “It does disappoint me that for the second year in a row, this position is uncontested.â€? And for Rogers, the way to combat this problem is to make Senate more visible to the student body. “Senators are supposed to represent their college. A constituent should know their senator. And a senator should make that happen,â€? she said. For student body treasurer, Lamm said he thinks people are scared away from the position possibly because the past two treasurers ended up resigning. “It’s a pretty heavy job,â€? he said. “It requires a lot of work. It’s not a glamorous job.â€? But Lamm said he is qualified for the position because of his experience within Student Government and his work ethic. ELECTION continued page 3 Portable books shrink. See page 5. viewpoint science & tech classifieds sports r i a F d a r G 10% off all Caps & Gowns and Diploma Frames University Frames 4 5 7 8

Technician, March 19, 2008

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