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Disinforming the students and the University community since 1893 TOOSDAY, FEBURARY 21, 2012 VOLUME 13 ISSUE Not Existant New program brings academics to a higher level for students KAY LESLIE STAFF WRITER Our University’s independent study major is giving students the opportunity to explore new and exciting types of education. Eliza Jenks, a freshman in the program, said her experiences with the major have been extremely positive. “I’ve learned so much I didn’t expect to. I know all the really important things UNC has to teach you, like trash talking, backing out safely and how to execute a keg stand,” Jenks said. One of the most important things to take from the program, according to Jenks, is the sense of entitlement that you’re learning in a different way. “It’s really important to let people know exactly what you’re learning; you always have to be researching something or looking into some deep issue. That way, having a relaxing major doesn’t take away from the UNC snob cache,” Jenks said. Jenks said she has done a lot of her learning in the field; she has taken to local hotspots, especially frat parties, to observe human life and learn from what she sees. She has spent most of her time looking at how students in Greek life relate and interact with one another in comparison to how they act with “regular people.” “I’ve learned a lot about people doing this program. Like, I can smell a Greek fight from like a mile away. It’s all about body language MADELINE MAY WESTCOTT Opinion editor NEW STUDY SHOWS MOST UNC FANS DIDN’T GO TO UNC. NOLAN EVANS A case study released Monday afternoon by the North American Society for Sport Management shows that a large majority of UNC fans do not attend the school they take so much pride in, nor have they ever attended the school. The study reveals an overwhelming 96% of all North Carolina fans have never taken a class at Chapel Hill, with an astonishing 89% having never stepped foot on university grounds. These numbers far outweigh those found in previous studies involving other schools around the nation, including in-state rivals Wake Forest, N.C. State and Duke. Coming in only two days after the team’s 22-point beat down of Clemson, which converted an estimated 17,000 South Carolinians to the Tar Heel fan base, Baby Blue nation is ecstatic about the news. “Cotdern right, we’re pretty dadgum proud of our committed fans here at UNC,” said UNC head coach Roy Williams. “It came by no surprise to me that we had the biggest amount of true fans out of anywhere in the country. Just kinda makes me want to enjoy a nice cold bottle-a Co-Coler.” Just as impressive as the sheer amount of fans the Tar Heels have piled onto the bandwagon over the DTHELL/ AARON WHOLE Even on the playing field, Marv Austun can’t keep the twittering birds out of his head. No wonder UNC could never beat Russell Wilson and the Pack. and greetings,” Jenks said. Matt Riley, a freshman who transferred into the program, has also had a good experience. Riley switched to independent study from poetry after realizing how much his workload would change. “Well, I was originally a poetry major, which was, like, deep. But independent study gives you the chance to look at what you’re most interested in,” Riley said. past 122 years is the spread of fandom across the United States. The study shows that one out of every four households across the United States owns at least one Michael Jordan jersey or a pair of Air Jordan’s. Either are automatic qualifiers to become a true Carolina fan. “Never did I imagine my shoes would have such an amazing impact on the fan base at Chapel Hill,” said Jordan, current owner of the NBA’s worst franchise, the Charlotte Bobcats. Albuquerque resident Steven Channing, a longtime New Mexico Lobos fan, wasn’t surprised at all by the recent figures. “Not three days ago, I spotted a family shopping in the Albuquerque WalMart together,” said Channing. “They were covered head to toe in Carolina blue. They radiated with passion. They must be doing something right with that basketball team in Chapel Hill.” Giant retailer corporations such as Target, K-Mart and Walmart, have seen a tremendous amount of revenue nationwide from North Carolina apparel. Walmart chairman Rob Walton, who has become a Tar Heel fan due to the explosion of sales, is, all puns aside, head over heels for the university. “The phenomenon is incredible,” said Walton. “I thought it was incredible 20 years ago, but it keeps becoming more and more unbelievable. Literally millions of Carolina fans pass through our stores on a daily basis, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it.” Back in the Tar Heel state, the fan base is ever expanding, drawing in more diehards than any other team in the state. Carthage resident Cletus Jenkins, who is a diehard Carolina fan, admitted he has never been to Chapel Hill, but hopes to go to a Duke/ Carolina game one day in hopes of “personally telling Coach K that he RETIREMENT IS OVERRATED NEW FLAVORED COFFEE We know we don’t ever have Since our campus owns 90% of to save money in an IRW or the Starbucks stocks worldwide, whatever the prefix is. Here are we thought it was time to name sotries of grads who are still rich. a blend after us: Ram’s Blood. Riley has spent the last four weeks talking to students about their thoughts on sporting events and comparing which events have the most interest. He cited his research as “revolutionary” and “groundbreaking.” “It’s so surprising; everyone just wants to go to basketball games. I never would have learned that without this major,” Riley said. Hannah Pearce, a sophomore in the program, said she often gets upset when people discredit the major. According to Pearce, doing independent study has a wide array of benefits. “People who hate on it are clearly just jealous. I really am doing a lot of work. I’ve chaired eight events for my sorority this semester,” Pearce said. Jenks also said she feels as though most people who do not participate in it under-appreciate the benefits of the major. “People think we just sit around getting wasted and going out, but what they don’t understand is that it’s field research. I might be out every night, but it’s purely for science,” Jenks said. According to Jenks, research is one of the most important elements of the major. Students must submit a proposal and have it accepted by the University before being officially accepted as an independent study major. “I worked on my proposal for three days before I sent it in. It focuses on human relations and sexual interactions. I just observe how students relate in their most natural environments and record it,” Jenks said. Riley said he does not feel as though most students understand the major because they are too restricted by society. “I mean, we grow up being told to focus on one thing. Nobody tells you to look at the whole world as something to explore,” Riley said. Riley is studying how surroundings affect emotions. “Where we are totally affects the way we feel and how we interact with situations. That’s something I’d like to explore,” Riley said. Riley plans to become a camp counselor after graduation. DTHELL/ ALLIE HUSTLE A Tar Hole fan examines the latest pair of officially licensed UNC mens underpants. The line, designed by Michael Jordan exclusively for Wal-mart, hit record sales earlier this month. should show more class like Roy does.” “I have been a UNC fan since I can remember, and I love the team more than life itself,” Sean Jones, who never attended college at UNC, said. Jones, professional NASCAR fan and gun rights enthusiast, considers UNC to be one of the most exciting things about his life. “Me and the missus, we live for UNC games. I don’t know much about that academic stuff, but them boys can sure throw a ball,” Jones said. According to Jones, he and his wife have a routine every time a game is on. They order three kegs of Busch Ice, round up as many neighbors in their trailer park as possible and gather around the big screen television in their front yard to enjoy the game. “We always get all us neighbors to- WE GOT LAZY We needed more rolling papers, so we figured we’d ditch a few of the inside pages. See the rest of out made up crap online. gether and watch ‘em play. Usually half of the boys is too drunk by halftime to really know what’s happening, but we know to yell if we score,” Jones said. Kathy Watts said she has been a UNC fan since she was about eight years old. Watts grew up in High Point, NC and watched basketball games with her father. “I’m always going to be a Tarheel fan, no matter what. It’s something you can’t get rid of,” Watts said. UNC Chapel Hill chancellor Holden Thorp seemed to receive immense satisfaction from the study’s results. “It just amazes me that no matter how many violations our football team can commit, our fans remain loyal,” said Thorp. “Our continuous lack of honesty and integrity cannot deter our fans from their dedication to our FEBRUARY 21, 2012 99% of our fans bought their t-shirts at Wal-mart. “LIFE IS TOUGH, BUT IT’S TOUGHER WHEN YOU’RE STUPID” - JOHN WAYNE basketball program.” Likewise, ACC commissioner John Swofford was thrilled beyond belief; he could barely breath as tears of joy rolled down his face. “All my career, I have been working to better the Atlantic Coast Conference. Look where we are today. UNC is putting us on top. I would have it no other way,” said Swofford. ACC head of officials John Clougherty and referee Karl Hess, however , declined to comment when asked if they felt they played a significant role in North Carolina’s rise to prominence amongst fans. 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