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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS • QUALITY HEALTHCARE • ACCESS for ALL OPEN DOOR Community Health Centers GOODBYE MARCUS WELBY… Henri “Hank” Larmuseau and Eloi Hoopman, DO Heaven Porter gets a quick check-up from Medical Assistant Jen Busseau Bill Hunter, MD. Chief Medical Officer Heaven Porter gets a quick check-up from medical assistant Jen Busseau. Gone are the television ideals of Dr. Kildare, Marcus Welby, even Doogie Howser and the image of an all-knowing, all-powerful doctor who is available 24/7, shouts orders and Putting the Community spouts medical jargon, doesn’t know you just in Community Health lost your job except during the Christmas hat we are doing here is providing absoSpecial, and always has perfect hair. lutely personal care. We’ve been here a In this series of articles celebrating Open long time and this is our community. Patients Door Community Health Centers’ 40th come to us because this is their community anniversary, you’ll read about team work and health center,” says Norman Bensky, MD, medical our team approach to providing health care. director of the Willow Creek Community Health Over the past several years, Open Door has Center (WCCHC) and long-time Willow Creek invested a great deal of time and energy resident. “This was my private practice. Then in developing a new model of care. What for a long time we were a clinic sponsored by St. does “team care” mean to you as a patient Joseph Health Systems and now we’re a part of of an Open Door clinic? In many ways it is Open Door Community Health Centers. Through a fundamental change in how you receive all of those organization changes, we have rehealth care. mained committed to quality healthcare and the In the team care approach, you benefit Willow Creek community. We have always tried Willow Creek Community Health Center “W continued on page 8 ➤ continued on page 5 ➤ NorthCountry Clinic Caring for the Individual hey will call you when they say they will call. If your provider cannot call you, another provider will make sure to call. This is unlike any health care I have received from other places. I’ve never felt so loved by a clinic,” says Hank Larmuseau. “They go the extra mile and do the extra research. That’s real concern. It gives me hope.” Hank has been going to NorthCountry Clinic since February 2005. As a result of his age and his specific health issues, his medical needs began to mount. Hank found that his providers went out of their way to thoroughly research his unique diabetic and mal-absorption issues and understand his lifestyle. With the help of this “T continued on page 2 ➤ OPEN DOOR COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS SPECIAL SECTION • THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2011 1

Open Door Community Health Centers

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