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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS • QUALITY HEALTHCARE • ACCESS for ALL OPEN DOOR Community Health Centers Open Door Community Health Centers Board of Directors: (seated from left) Felicia Oldfather, Sydney Fisher Larson, Kathleen Moxon (standing from left) Jim Pfingstel, Elizabeth Murguia, Herrmann Spetzler, Cyn Van Fleet, Zuretti Goosby (not shown) Larry Matthews, Neal Sanders, Connie Stewart Behind the Open Door Counties – that’s one out of every four of our friends and neighbors. Cheyenne Spetzler Chief Operations Officer I sometimes ask myself why I would spend 30-plus years in health care administration. The answers come pretty fast, though. Because medicine is an exciting and challenging field; because people who work in medicine do so to help others; because I want to be of some help myself. If you have been following this series of North Coast Journal inserts about Open Door Community Health Centers’ clinics and staff, you have had the chance to see the places where Open Door meets the public. Unless you have needed attention beyond the scope of health center staff, you have probably not encountered many of people who work to keep Open Door open. Behind the smiling faces, caring hands and skilled providers, there is another domain that sets the stage for the day-to-day business of our clinics. continued on page 8 ➤ OUR APPRECIATION uring this week of Thanksgiving, it seems an appropriate time to express our appreciation to the many people who make Open Door Community Health Centers a vital and caring organization. D We certainly express our thanks to the patients who choose to use Open Door for their primary health care. While confidentiality prevents us from listing you all, so does space. We serve more than 40,000 individuals in Del Norte and Humboldt We also extend thanks to the hundreds of people who help to maintain the high level of professionalism and readiness that allows Open Door to provide the highest quality care. On the following pages, you’ll see the names and photos of those who have been a part of Open Door during the past year. Some you’ll know. Some, as Cheyenne points out in her column, work behind the scenes. In our fortieth year, we hosted a number of events and participated in even more to celebrate, thank and support the community we serve. You’ll see a list of the people who made those events possible on page 7. To all, we wish a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving. ❖ OPEN DOOR COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS SPECIAL SECTION • THURSDAY, NOV. 24, 2011 1

Open Door Community Health Centers

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