Issuu on Google+ Martha F. Campbell The PLC at Work™ Cartoon Book features the humorous side of working in a professional learning community. In this lighthearted collection, cartoonist Martha F. Campbell showcases the points of view of teachers, students, and parents and brings humor to such topics as learning for all, collaboration, collective inquiry, smart goals, action orientation, intervention, continuous improvement, results, and celebration. In their foreword and introductory text for each chapter, PLC pioneers Richard and Rebecca DuFour remind teachers, administrators, and members of PLCs to maintain a sense of humor and the ability to laugh at themselves while they partake in the important work of becoming a professional learning community. These witty cartoons will: • Provide educators with a lighthearted look at the inner workings of PLCs • Energize team meetings • Build morale and goodwill during the hard work of becoming a PLC Visit to download a selection of the cartoons. Cartoon Book —From the foreword by Richard and Rebecca DuFour ™ “Martha Campbell combines her understanding of professional learning communities, her insights into human nature, and her wonderful sense of humor to create a work that reminds us that changing the structure and culture of a school is not a neat, rational, linear systematic process. . . . She gently urges us to embrace the mess and see the humor in it.” PLC at Work PLC at Work Cartoon Book ™ THE THE THE PLC at Work ™ Cartoon Book “We are assuming collective responsibility for your learning, Kenny, not ganging up on you.” Cartoons by Martha F. Campbell Foreword by Richard DuFour & Rebecca DuFour

The PLC at Work Cartoon Book

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