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miptv nEWs ® DAY Wednesday 4 April 2012 MIPTV DEALS Deal-making has been at the core of MIPTV 2012 with companies worldwide announcing key strategic partnerships. China has struck high-profile deals with companies around the world including the UK, France and Latin America. Pictured here, Zhejiang Huace Film & TV Company’s Karen Fu and Venevision International’s Manuel Perez See page 16 BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT Brands and agencies are at MIPTV ready to do business with producers, delegates heard yesterday in a series of Branded Entertainment sessions See page 7 Nestle’s Birgit Becker EYE ON 3D Broadcasters and viewers have developed a thirst for 3D content according to The International 3D Society’s Jim Chabin who spoke at the two-day MIPTV 3DTV Focus events See page 4 04


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