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Quick reference guide: Profit and Loss - Financial Purpose To provide Profit & Loss reporting for both current period and year to date, presenting results at total company level, as well as broken down by selected Element 2 group type and/or Business Stream. The report contains variance analysis against both current year budget and the previous years result, and also contains analysis of 5 key statistical elements. This report does not show the P&L by Product or at a product level (refer Product Profit & Loss reports for this level of detail). Output The report consists of 6 Tabs: 他 Info Page Displaying report details including prompt selections and report overview 他 Category Includes the report at the 2 digit (high level) account level, outlining actual revenue, direct and indirect costs ALONG with 5 key pieces of Statistical information. These are compared against Budget and Last Year. The report also includes the % of revenue made up by each account. The report breaks into sections down the page by the selected Group Code and/or Business Stream in the prompt screen. Refer below for further guidance on how to use the prompt screen to obtain the breakdown of data you require. In all cases, the section at the bottom of the report is the TOTAL. 他 Statistics Total The 5 key pieces of statistical information shown on the Category page are analysed out by the Informa Group Product Type in the format illustrated below. In addition there 2 calculated sets of statistics providing average delegate and delegate yield data, as well as a breakdown of Total Revenue and Gross Profit by Group Product Type TIP: Data for these statistics is dependent upon Group Product Type (2GT) data, highlighting the importance of ensuring the accuracy of this data in CODA.

Informa - Quick Reference Guide - Profit and Loss Financial

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