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SERVING SER VING SONO SONOMA, OM A , N NAPA APA & M MARIN ARIN C COUNTIES OUNTIES | J JULY ULY 23 23-29, -29, 201 2014 4 ||É„É„É„ Ɔ É„É„ĆŒÉ„É„V É„É„É„ Ɔ É„É„ĆŒÉ„É„V OL. 36 36.11 .11 Win a H Win Heritage eritage F Fire irre F Festival estival N Napa apa VIP p ackage bohe package THE HANDS THAT FEED US Giving North Bay growers their due p18 Winegrowers W inegrowers fa face ce w water ater m monitoring o onitorin g p8 K& K&L L Bi Bistro stro goes big p1 p133 T Top op tasting tasting room roo om pairings pairings pp17 17


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