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BEST BE S T OF SSILICON ILIC ON V VALLEY ALLE Y JUS JUSTT FIVE WEEK WEEKSS AAWAY W AY Criminals are so predictible Jennifer Anderson Law enforcement’s new secret weapon: the Excel spreadsheet p88 Kreayshawn @ Studio 8 Hyperactive and Hyperaware p611 Saving Clifford Coulter F E B R UA U A R Y 2 2-2 2-28 8,, 220 0 1122 | V O L . 27 2 7,, N O . 449 9 | S I L I C O N VA V A L L E Y, Y, C A | F R E E Bay Area R&B stars rally to rescue stricken musician p555 METRO’S CINEQUEST PICKS SEAN MCCARTHY’S BIG SHORTS PALO ALTO DIRECTOR BRAD LEONG Complete 88-page Cinequest Program INSIDE Sean McCarthy


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