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Marci Penner KANSAS SAMPLER FOUNDATION Top 8 tips on how to use this guidebook. Photography by Harland J. Schuster 1. Plan to see every one of the 216 Wonders found in this book. This guidebook supplies photographs, background information, location, contacts, and hours for every entry to make your travel easy. 2. Use the state map fold-out to plan “cluster trips” in specific geographical regions of Kansas. This map was designed to show you all the Wonders in a certain area. Of course, you’ll find many other things to see and do beyond the 8 Wonders! 3. Enjoy Kansas one category at a time. Many members of our Kansas Explorers Club ( have created their own “quests” (for example: visit every county seat, bowl in each county, or sip at every soda fountain). This book is organized by categories making it easy to design your own travel themes. wonders of Kansas! Guidebook 4. As you travel to each Wonder, get an autograph, take pictures, buy a souvenir or stamp at the local post office, and mark off your visit on the listings page (below the 8 Wonders map). 5. Have conversations with local folks, look for other interests along the way, make purchases in small towns, and go slowly to appreciate each place for what it is. Your friendliness and financial support go a long way. 6. Call for an appointment if you have a specific destination in mind. Be sure it will be open as some entries are staffed only part time by volunteers; their passion and knowledge of their subjects are priceless. 7. Plan a group tour. Call ahead and find out if you and friends, or club, can get a “backstage pass.” 8. Explore Kansas from the comfort of your armchair. Leaf through the pages of this book in your own home, at your own pace, and appreciate what Kansas and Kansans have to offer. Enjoy your Kansas journey! 216 G R E AT PLACES TO A EXPLORE IN KANSAS

8 Wonders of Kansas! Guidebook by Marci Penner

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