Issuu on Google+ Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - Page 55 Melbourne Boulevard Pharmacy and Health Foods Questions and answers about teeth whitening â–  How does it work? You place a mouth tray filled with whitening gel in your mouth, and our advanced cold blue light accelerator produces the best results available in a fraction of the time or cost of other procedures. Does it harm my teeth, gums or dental work? No. The treatment uses a special cold light, which will not burn and special whitening gels. For people with normal, healthy teeth and gums there are no adverse side effects. It does not remove tooth enamel. How effective is it on my teeth, crown or caps? It removes stains caused by aging, coffee, tea, cola, red wine, smoking, etc. It also reduces discolouration caused by medications and white spots from fluoride. Stains are removed from crowns/veneers without changing their original colour. Does it hurt? No. For people with normal, healthy teeth and gums there is no pain and any side effects are temporary and will disappear quickly. How long will teeth whitening last? Depending on your lifestyle and dental hygiene it is possible to maintain your whiter teeth for two years. How long after the treatment before I can eat/ drink? For 24 hours after the treatment you should avoid coffee, tea, cola drinks, red wine, smoking or consuming anything that could stain your teeth. If it stains a white shirt, it could stain your teeth! Make an Appointment Today! Shop 5, 401 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Vic 3004 9866 1284

Melbourne Observer. 130206C. February 6, 2013. Pages 55-76

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