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Sunday, April 3, 2011 THE BELIZE TIMES 1 Issue No. 4738 SUNDAY April 3, 2011 UDP MELTDOWN Belize City, March 30th, 2010 The ruling United Democratic Party is facing a meltdown of epic proportions. In a move never before seen in democratic societies, the UDP has shooed out Hon. Marcel Cardona, the elected UDP Orange Walk East Area Representative, from their Party without giving natural justice an opportunity to take its course. In a letter leaked to the BELIZE TIMES by a UDP Headquarters insider, UDP Chairman Patrick Faber wrote Cardona and imposed that “with immediate effect” the UDP “ceases to regard” Continued on page 4 PUP demands recall of Shyne as Music Ambassador Convict turned diplomat accused of conning Belizean artists PM Dean Barrow Hon. Marcel Cardona Murder investigation leads OW Police to U.S. fugitive sex offender Orange Walk Town, March 30, 2011 By Carmelita Perez An American national, who was detained by Orange Walk Police for interrogation into the murder investigation of British/Lebanese national, 54 year old Issis Nassar, has now been identified as a dangerous sex offender wanted by United States authorities. The BELIZE TIMES’ investigaContinued on page 6 US fugitive David McClain PUP PROTESTS EMPTY POT BUDGET See page 34 Issis Nassar Senate probes UDP’s wasteful spending Shyne gave Belizeans ‘puss eena bag’ March 30, 2011 In April 2010 Prime Minister Barrow appointed his son, a convicted felon and deportee, Music Ambassador of Belize despite public outcry and open dissent from critics who claimed it was a blatant act of DPM Gaspar Vega Leader of Opposition Hon. John Briceño joins protesters on Independence Hill See page 11 See page 35

Belize Times, April 3, 2011

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