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Sunday, September 9, 2012 1 THE BELIZE TIMES SCAN HERE SUNDAY September 9, 2012 www.facebook/Belize Times Issue No. 4812 100 Murders! Humberto Ivan Gonzalez is Corozal’s 8th murder Belize City, September 5, 2012 2012 has turned out to be a murderous year! The homicide count has unofficially reached the frightening 100th mark, even though four long and difficult months are ahead. With the Barrow Administration lacking in vision, ideas and competency, there the level of crime and violence in our country has spiked to dangerous levels. The result has been an almost-daily dosage of violence, as young people, many unemployed and misguided, exact vigilante justice against each other and on behalf of gangs and turfs. The streets of Belize City, in particular, are stained with blood, in some instances of children and the innocent. A 14 year old was injured by gunshot last week Thursday while inside her home. Two days later, on September 1st, Dana Augustus, a mother of six was shot dead when a hail of bullets targeted her home. Continued on page 4 City floods on 1st day of school UDP submits to IMF prescriptions Belize City, September 4, 2012 When one has the flu or a nasty cold, one doesn’t drink cold water, so why is the Barrow Administration pouring cold, icy water on Belize when she is suffering from an economic head and chest cold? The Barrow Administration has imposed tough measures it says is needed. These include firing workers, increasing taxes, freezing wages and allowances and cutting project spending. Where are these See page 4 Dana Augustus was killed inside her home Monday September 3rd, 2012 Hundreds of students had to wade through murky waters on the first day of classes on Monday September 3rd morning after a brief rainstorm See page 4 INSIDE THIS ISSUE Student carried by her mother to avoid damaging her school clothing Your PUP OW Town Council at Work 03 GOB ignorES unions 12 UDP’s ALLOWANCE FREEZE IN EFFECT COPA AZUL LAUNCH A SUCCESS Mayor Kevin Bernard & Councilor Neri Ramirez oversee upgrading of Tangerine St & Wetby Alley 23

Belize Times September 9, 2012

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