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Sunday, April 8, 2012 1 THE BELIZE TIMES SCAN HERE www.facebook/Belize Times SUNDAY April 8, 2012 Issue No. 4790 Meet Ambassadors Judas & Iscariot the switch had happened years ago, as way back as 2006, when Barrow found opportunity in the PUP’s division. What ensued afterwards can be described as political drama, with what Continued on page 3 along what they described as the journey of UDP nothingness. In a matter of ten months, since he delivered the Cordel Hyde was named Consul General to New York speech referred to above, Mark Espat went from loud UDP critic to close UDP ally. Perhaps, as evidence indicates, UDP CitCo fires 25 Belize City, April 1, 2012 The UDP’s vicious hatchet has fallen on the necks of 25 poor and hardworking workers at the UDP Belize City Continued on page 4 See page 13 Mark Espat was named Ambassador along Lois Young and Perla Perdomo TOP MODEL Belize City, April 3, 2012 “Instead of jobs, or houses, or lots, or roads and bridges, or schools, what is thrown to us by Prime Minister Barrow is a flood of words – words, more words and bigger words. If only this self-styled Caesar cared for his people as much as he cares for his words! The people cannot eat your words Mr. Prime Minister. Words can’t feed children, words don’t pay bills. Serve words on a plate or in a wheel barrow and Caesar’s words still do nothing for us.” – Excerpt from address by former PUP Senior Deputy Leader Hon. Mark Espat, at Joint PUP Convention, St. Mary’s Hall Sunday June 19, 2011 It appears Caesar’s words and coins served on a platter are sufficient for two PUP representatives to jump in the proverbial wheel barrow and ride INSIDE THIS ISSUE Bernard Richards Allen Valencio, fired Manhunt for 16 yr. old gunman Ernesto Bernardez Caye Caulker Village, April 3, 2012 Police in Caye Caulker are carrying out a manhunt for a 16 year old, who they say shot at two policemen, nearly killing one of them. Continued on page 4 Harry Joseph, fired Herman Longsworth could face disqualification Belize City, April 2, 2012 The Supreme Court on Monday morning granted permission for an election petition to be filed against UDP area representative and Minister, Herman Longsworth. The petition, introduced by the Continued on page 6 A fraud at City Hall? 03 Where is the Budget? 04 Minister John John rumbles for garnaches 27

Belize Times April 8, 2012

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