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Boston Marathon Tragedy Online Exclusive LIBERTY CHAMPION Today: Sunny 80/60 Tomorrow: P. Cloudy 86/61 Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Volume 30 • Issue 20 Students discuss policies fashion show Kara Smith Dean Keith Anderson met with students in DeMoss Hall 1113 for the Student Body Hall Meeting, Tuesday, April 9. In the meeting, students’ concerns were addressed and many questions answered. According to Anderson, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. and the Board of Trustees agreed to review the university’s current attendance policy, one of the major concerns voiced. Anderson began the meeting with prayer. Afterward, Senior Student Conduct Officer Andrea Adams made the announcements and stated the rules of the meeting, which included the rule that no students were allowed to debate with Dean Anderson or any other speaker. The Student Government Association, as well as Chief of Police Richard D. Hinkley, also attended the event. Other members of the Center4ME and student housing were present to discuss specific topics, according to Anderson. Different issues were addressed, including the attendance policy, the gun-carrying policy, the Liberty Way (the student code of conduct), the alcohol policy, leadership, See TOWN HALL, A8 Nathan Rohrer | Liberty Champion Pro-life exalted STAGE — Students from the FACS department showcased their designs at the 7th annual Liberty University Spring Fashion Show. This year, the theme was “Project Hollywood: A Glamorous Encore,” where designers based their collections on classic movies. Pictured above is model Victoria Petrocelli. See B7 for the full story. Melanie Oelrich Liberty University students, staff and faculty will have an opportunity to celebrate Pro-Life Emphasis Week April 17-19. According to Senior Class President Chelsea Patterson, students will hear from a variety of speakers during the week, including Mike Spencer and Thomas Donovan from the Life Training Institute, as well as Phil Kline, former attorney general of Kansas. In addition to various lectures, students will also have the opportunity to meet different pro-life organizations from all over the country, according to Patterson. On Friday, April 19, students will wear either black or white T-shirts to represent the number of babies aborted each year. According to Patterson, an email will also be sent out to the student body where they can enter their name and home state to email their respective congressmen and senators, encouraging them to stand for life. For more information, email OELRICH is the news editor. Students run for autism The 5K raised more than $8,000 in honor of Professor Clark Zealand’s son, Coleman Jacob Tellers The Coleman’s Run 5K, organized by Liberty University professor Clark Zealand, was held Saturday, April 6, in order to raise awareness about autism, as well as to fundraise for Liberty’s Autism Speaks U chapter. Coleman’s Run is named after Zealand’s 11-year-old son, who has autism. “I direct a lot of races in the area, and so, having a race director background and having a son with autism, it was kind of a natural fit for me to do a charity type of event where we could raise both awareness for autism and hopefully, along with that, do some fundraising as well,” Zealand said. According to Zealand, there is an increasing importance for autism awareness and research. “The rate of autism is growing in alarming ways. It was just a few years ago (that) we were talking about one in 150 children, and then it was one in 110 children, and now the most current rates put up by the CDC are one in 88,” Zealand said. “The challenge of autism is growing exponentially, and it’s impacting so many people’s lives. We want to get the message out there that there is hope, that there are ways to help these individuals, help people understand more about what autism really is.” Besides the race and the fundraising, Zealand and the Liberty Autism awareness chapter also brought in local autism organizations to help people connect with support groups and become more informed about autism. “People who come to the event can not only learn more about autism, they can actually connect with some groups right here in the community who can help families understand how to help their autistic INSIDE THE CHAMPION News Sports Feature Liberty puts a new concealed carry policy into effect. A2 Kyle Harvey breaks down the Flames 2013 football B2 schedule. “Tarzan” opened at the Tower Theatre Friday, B8 April 12. Photo Provided RUN — Zealand, with help from son Coleman, begins the race. children,” Zealand said. This is the second year that Zealand has organized this race, and it is something he hopes to be able to continue. Last year, Coleman’s Run had just under 200 participants, and Zealand is hopeful that the race will exceed that number the second time around. “We’re ecstatic that we have raised over $8,000 at this point, and we are going to raise more News Opinion Sports Feature by the time (the event) is complete,” Zealand said. According to Liberty’s Autism Speaks U chapter website, the goal for the event is to raise $13,000. The race was held at The Aid Station in Forest, a running equipment store that Zealand owns. TELLERS is a news reporter. A1 A4 B1 B8

Liberty Champion, April 16th, 2013

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