Issuu on Google+ Lone✯Star Outdoor News May 11, 2012 Page 1 eBay for animals New Web site auctions exotics online. Texas’ Premier Outdoor Newspaper May 11, 2012 Page 4 Volume 8, Issue 18 Custom rod maker mixes humor with work Inside By Conor Harrison LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS ❘❚ HUNTING End of an era Col. Pete Flores hanging up his gun after 27 years. Page 6 We’re watching, too Game wardens use TV shows and electronic media to nab law breakers. Page 4 This rod bites! That is the impression one gets when they hold the custom rattlesnake rod made by former tournament angler and North Texas fishing guide turned custom rod maker Ron Grantham. “That rod took a while because I looked for the rightsized snake head,” he said. “I had a couple of guys hunting for them, but they just couldn’t get the correct size, so I found a polymer statue and cut the head off. But everything else is real rattlesnake.” It’s customs like the rattlesnake rod that are getting Grantham noticed, but his regular custom See CUSTOM RODS, Page 14 GET BIT: The rattlesnake rod by Ron Grantham, owner of Reel Time Custom Rods, was designed using real snakeskin. Along with unique custom rods, Grantham builds solid fishing rods for all species of game fish. Photo by Conor Harrison, LSON. ❘❚ FISHING Fishing for bites Back to back High school senior wins fish art contest for second year in a row. Page 11 Galveston shark action heating up By Conor Harrison Noise or no noise? LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS Rattling vs. “silent” crankbaits. Page 8 ❘❚ CONTENTS Classifieds . . . . . . . . Crossword . . . . . . . . Freshwater Fishing Report For the Table. . . . . . . Game Warden Blotter . . . Heroes. . . . . . . . . . Outdoor Datebook . . . . Outdoor Business . . . . Products . . . . . . . . . Saltwater Fishing Report . Sun, Moon and Tide data . Time Sensitive Material • Deliver ASAP PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PLANO, TX PERMIT 210 ❘❚ . . . . . . . . . . . Page 27 Page 24 Page 10 Page 24 Page 12 Page 17 Page 26 Page 25 Page 27 Page 16 Page 24 JAWS IN TEXAS: Shark fishing is getting good in the Galveston Bay area. Trolling with Rapala’s is not a common way to catch them, but it can be effective and fun. Photo by David J. Sams, LSON. Longtime Galveston Bay Capt. Mike Williams has caught quite a few sharks during his 50-plus years of guiding on the Texas coast. This year, the water warmed up much quicker than normal along the beaches, and that has brought the sharks into the passes about a month earlier than normal. “The shark fishing has been good when we can get out,” Williams said. “The wind just recently died down. I’ve had some mixed trips of bull reds and sharks in the Rollover Pass area.” Williams said he caught mostly blacktips on his recent trip, but also managed a 200-pound See SHARK FISHING, Page 25 Hearing the call Student chooses career in hunting By Craig Nyhus LONE STAR OUTDOOR NEWS Mike Shipley grew up in an environment that would appear unusual to most. Both of his parents are deaf. But that didn’t stop him or his father from hunting. PURSUING A DREAM: Mike Shipley of Austin realized he wanted to be a wildlife manager while attending Outdoor Texas Camp as an 11-yearold. This fall he will enter his senior year at Texas A&M–Kingsville in the wildlife management program. Photo by Craig Nyhus, LSON. “I’m told my first words were in sign language,” the 20-year-old Texas A&MKingsville junior from Austin said. “Both my parents were essentially deaf from birth, although my mom can hear a little with hearing aids, and she speaks well.” Shipley learned to speak mostly from his grandparents, and he was introduced to hunting by his grandfather and father. “My grandfather got my uncle and dad into it some — as a kid I would go with my dad when my mom would let me,” he said. His first recollection of hunting was at age 10, when his father shot a 10-pointer on their property near Junction. “Then I got more interested and would go with my dad as often as he would take me,” he said. Success, though, was another story. “We didn’t know much about hunting,” Shipley said. “And I got buck fever bad — I missed six deer and four hogs in a row.” See CAREER, Page 14

May 11, 2012 - Lone Star Outdoor News - Fishing & Hunting

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