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Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic at the University of Kansas School of Law There are nearly 50 million people living in poverty in the United States. In Kansas, that amounts to nearly 13% of the population, and in Wyandotte County, more than a quarter of all residents. A NETWORK OF SUPPORT Member of the National MLP Studies have shown that at any given time, low-income people have between 1-3 civil legal needs — for safe housing, access to health insurance and access to public benefits. Many of these legal problems are actually health problems. Network WHAT IS MLP? 125 123 health centers legal aid agencies 26 36 34 hospitals The guiding principles of Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) are that every person has the right to be healthy and have access to health care that will address the source of their health problems. u MLP is a health care delivery model that is designed to integrate critical legal services into comprehensive patient care to address those health problems that may have a legal solution. u medical schools The law school launched its MLP Clinic — the first MLP in Kansas — in January 2008. u The MLP Clinic provides free legal services to lowincome patients of the following health care partners: q The University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS q JayDoc Free Clinic, Kansas City, KS q Health Care Access Clinic, Lawrence, KS u Law students participating in the MLP Clinic: q Provide legal representation to low-income patients. u residency law Member of the National programs schools MLP Network Work collaboratively with health care partners to provide legal care that improves health at the patient, clinic and population levels. q Engage in interprofessional education and practice alongside medical, nursing, and pharmacy student colleagues to improve care for vulnerable patients. u Representation is focused on the following “I-HELP” priority areas in which legal services can have the greatest impact on the health of patients: q Income supports q Housing and utilities q Education and employment q Legal status (immigration) q Personal and family stability MEDICAL-LEGAL PARTNERSHIP CLINIC AT KU LAW 99 q KU Law Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic | November 2013

KU Law Medical-Legal Partnership | Fall 2013

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