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L&E B YU-Hawaii’s Fine Arts department’s next theatrical performance, “Twelfth Night, or What You Willâ€?, will continue to display the talents of students here at BYUH. “Twelfth Nightâ€? is a comedy by William Shakespeare with an intricate plot that involves crossdressing, mistaken identities, love, and deception. The most modern interpretation of this Shakespearean plot was used in the movie “She’s the Man,â€? which premiered in 2006. “Twelfth Nightâ€? deals with the story of twins Viola, played by Tessa Brady, and Sebastian, played by Mike Buck. Viola becomes separated from her brother Sebastian and is shipwrecked in the land of Illyria at the beginning of the play. She thinks that Sebastian is dead, and decides to disguise herself as a boy named Opinion: Why the Ke Alaka’i changed Cesario. While appearing as a boy, she begins to serve Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, played by Jacob Contor. Orsino is desperately in love with Countess Olivia, played by Gailyn Bopp. The Duke sends “Cesarioâ€? to deliver a message to the Countess on his behalf. Olivia then falls in love with Cesario as he delivers this message, thinking that he is actually a man. The plot is further twisted as Viola/Cesario falls in love with the Duke, while she is serving as his messenger DQGFRQĂ€GDQW BYU-Hawaii’s production of this Shakespeare play will be performed Tuesday, March 17 – Saturday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the McKay Auditorium. Tickets are $5 general admission, $3 for faculty and staff, and $2 for students and can be purchased at the Aloha Center Front Desk. The Fine Arts department is also JLYLQJDZD\IUHHWLFNHWVIRU the opening night performance, which can be claimed at the Front Desk as well. –Rachel Adams What: Twelfth Night When: Thur., March 19 to Sat., March 21 7:30 p.m. Where: McKay Auditorium A s is likely to happen on a small campus such as BYU-Hawaii, rumors have been circulating about the reasons behind the changes in the Ke Alaka’i format. For those who haven’t noticed (hint, hint) the print source of news on campus, known by its Hawaiian name that means “the leader,â€? has changed both its appearance and printing schedule. The Ke Alaka’i, now in a 12-page, all-color magazine format, prints every week. This change was made because the Ke Alaka’i staff wanted to make the change. At the end of Fall Semester 2009, the editor-in-chief for over two years, Lianna Quillen, graduated and moved on. It was then time for new leadership and, the staff felt, a change in the way the campus news was presented as well. We wanted to see more color added to our news presentation, and we felt that having the newspaper print every other week meant there was too large of a lapse in between editions, and it led to stale news. We felt the new presentation would make the news fresher and more exciting. After all, we want as many people as possible to read what we print. Our layout artists and art director worked together to create some mocklayouts late last semester so staff members could see if they liked it or not. The change was not, nor did it need to be, approved by the administration. We remain, like any legitimate news organization, free from bias and heavy-handed direction. Last summer the Ke Alaka’i was moved from the College of Fine Arts and Sciences as part of the campus restructuring and is now under the direction of University Relations and Communications, led by Bill Neal, assistant to the president, and Michael Johanson, director of com- munications. LeeAnn Lambert continues to be the advisor for the Ke Alaka’i. With that in mind, let us mention some of the reasons that helped sway our decision to make the change: 1) It is more colorful and exciting, and allows our art people to expand their talents and stretch their wings, so to speak; 2) Your hands are no longer covered in newsprint ink after you peruse the pages of the Ke Alaka’i; 3) The paper is now printed on campus, through Print Services, which means the printing is cheaper for us, the money we spend on printing stays right on campus (which made the people in charge of budget cuts quite supportive) and because it never leaves campus, printing time is VKRUWHQHG VLJQLĂ€FDQWO\   6LJQV RI WKH times: So much of the news is now online rather than in print, and we hoped this type of design would draw more people to our Web site, So far it has been successful, and we hope to see that continue and even increase. 5) It makes the campus a little more marketable: This format can easily be sent in mailers to prospective students, donors and friends of the university. So, whether you have heard the rumors that have been circulating around campus or not, we hope this clears them up. We made the decisions ourselves, and with the support of our advisor, we feel it has been a success and that we are moving in a positive direction. Feel free to let us know how you feel about it though. We love feedback. You can e-mail us at, drop us a line on Facebook, or even stop E\WKHRIĂ€FHDW$ORKD&HQWHUURRP Have a great rest of the semester, and join us next term for more great news. Mahalo nui loa for your support. –KE ALAKA’I STAFF WINTER 2009 $"-&/%"3 t5IF-FBEFSt.BSDI tIUUQLFBMBLBJCZVIFEVt One point provides instant end Cal Poly Pomona closes Seasider best season ever $".164508/ 20 FRIDAY Campus ˆTQGEG'YPXYVI2MKLX JVII ˆEGV;SQIR´W0YRGLISR ˆ4E]HE] 21 22 SATURDAY Campus ˆTQEGFPIWYQE ˆTQGEG'YPXYVI2MKLX ˆ2SWGLSSPQSZMIWXLMW [IIOIRH SUNDAY Campus ˆXL[HGSRJIVIRGI ˆ TQ '%' WX  VH WXO 1YWMGEP*MVIWMHI 23 MONDAY Campus ˆ TQ EYH /EMXP]R *EZIVS TMERSVIGMXEP JVII 24 TUESDAY Campus ˆEQGEGHIZSXMSREP[)PHIV ;SR=SRK/S ˆTQEGFNVZSGEPVIGMXEP[7MY ,MRK'LER ˆTQI\WKVEHWHMRRIV 7:30 pm aud “Twelfth Night or What You Willâ€? ($) Town ˆ XL %RRYEP /YRME 3VGLMH 7LS[EX0IMPILYE,MKL7GLSSP 1 2 1&12.indd 1 March 19, 2009 Town ˆÂą7PIITMRK&IEYX]8LI1YWMGEP² JSVQSVIMRJSVQEXMSR ˆ RH ERRYEP +VIEX ,E[EMMER 6YFFIV(YGOMI6EGIERH*IWXM ZEPJSVQSVIMRJS Town ˆ;EMOMOM &IEGL;EPO 7YRHE] 'SRGIVXW JSV QSVI MRJS Town 25 WEDNESDAY Campus ˆEQEGF-%%4PYRGLISR ˆ TQ EGF 1ELERE /ERSLS 4YPSXY:SGEP6IGMXEP JVII ˆTQEYH7EPWE3VGLIWXVE 'SRGIVX JVII ˆTQEGF-QQMKVEXMSR 9THEXI 26 THURSDAY Campus ˆ TQ 0MFVEV] 3TIR&SSO WXSVIGPSWIH ˆ EGF .ETERIWI GPYF XEPIRX WLS[ ˆVHWXOIRVMGLQIRX ˆ/YLMS(E] WGLSSPLSPMHE] Town Town Town ˆ 7XEXI[MHI 8EVS *IWXMZEP JSV QSVI MRJSVQEXMSR GSRXEGX OELIEEPPMERGI$LE[EMMVVGSQ ˆ.SYVRI]MRGSRGIVXJSVQSVI MRJS ˆ 4VMRGI /YLMS 7XEXYI 'IV IQSR] JSV QSVI MRJS   Governing BYUH hosts roundtable A fond ‘Aloha’ BYUH says goodbye to Uncle Bill Fanfare Recognizing the Seasiders #1 fan 3/24/09 4:34 PM

Mar 19, 2009

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