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Campus Alaka’i World • The Leader • January 22, 2009 • Fest WORLD FEST ‘09 01.13-15.09 Hula festival PCC hosts Moanikeala Hula Festival Reasons to be a student entrepreneur Abo ve World : Studen ts F fees. est to sig were ab le to n up for n ew clu use the thr bs an d pay ee days of memb ership decoof a sign they club sit in front n oa m Sa e th bers of Fest. Above: Mem table at World ntion to their te at aw dr to rated Above: Wor ldfest took pl ace in the Alo Over 40 diffe ha Center M rent organiza all Jan. 14-16. tions had tabl gave students es at the exhi the chance to bition which sign up for a variety of club s. Obama’s inauguration Hawaii gets involved 0 8 Ke Alakai • The Leader PHOTOS BY KATHLEEN MAJDALI January 22, 2009

Jan 22, 2009

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