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Dahlgren Vol. 25, No. 4, Mid-april 2014 What’s Inside • Richmond — A 48 star U.S. flag crafted by Richmond native and WWII POW James “Denny” 4 Attendees marvel at the precision with which each star on the Omori Flag was hand sketched. Landrum came home to Virginia on April 9. The red, white, and blue stars and stripes hand sketched on a bed sheet at the Omori Prison Camp was unveiled in a ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance befitting our national emblem at the Virginia War Memorial. Deputy Secretary of Virginia Veterans and Defense Affairs John Newby shared words from President Barack Obama’s Proclamation in honor of National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day. Obama’s proclamation stated in part, “Today, we are solemnly reminded of our responsibility to care for those who have borne these burdens for us. We recommit to honoring that sacred obligation -- to serving our former prisoners of war, our veterans, and their families as well as they have served us.” See FLAG, page 5 ©Marty van Duyne/News Net News Virginia’s first official K-9 Veterans Day celebrated Dog teams honored at Virginia War Memorial News Net News 10 Denny Landrum waves the American Flag when Omori Prison Camp was liberated in 1945. (US Navy Photo) RICHMOND — Canine teams had their day in the sun at the first official Virginia K-9 Veterans Day. Military K-9 teams from Fort Lee joined Richmond City Police, Virginia Capital Police, and Hanover Hounds K9 Search & Rescue for a ceremony at the Virginia War Memorial (www.VaWarMemorial. org). March 13 is designated K-9 Veterans Day, but since it fell on Thursday this year, officials decided to host the event on Saturday, March 15 so more families and children could attend. Vi r g i n i a Wa r Me m o r i a l See HONOREES, page 2 « 8 Marty van Duyne Captains Praise Four Navy—Mentored STEM Students Slated to Compete at SeaPerch National Competition The Journal Press, Inc. • (540) 775-2024 Omori POW Flag unveiled at Virginia War Memorial First time flag has been unfurled since WWII News Net News National President of “Federally Employed Women” Joins Navy Women’s History Month Celebration Woodstock, Va. 22664 Omori POW Flag unveiled at Va War Memorial Marty van Duyne Dick Marcinko discusses SEALs: Past, present, and future ECRWSS Postal Patron Pre-Sort STD U. S. POSTAGE PAID Permit #82 Hanover Hounds K9 Search & Rescue Bloodhound Hobbes searches through the amphitheatre crowd as he tracks the scent of a lost person. ©Marty van Duyne/News Net News Dahlgren’s Official, Unofficial base newspaper • We’re all about Dahlgren

Dahlgren Source - April, 2014

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