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4/58 DJMAG.COM FREE DAVID GUETTA CD! EXCLUSIVE MIX FROM THE WORLD'S HOTTEST HOUSE DJ! BIGGER BEEFIE & BETTER R! Your ne MONTH w LY DJmag BIGGER, BEEFIER & BETTER! LIVING & BREATHING DANCE MUSIC! NEW! S S E C C A EASe ALL eA, bR ackstag MISS KITTIN / 50 GREATEST REMIXERS / GOODS YARD GOODBYE / PIONEER CDJ-400 Frontlin ce r the fen and unde ting r club repo n i t t i K s t h s g i i l & s s M tness darkne is swee 325 s top tuned reviewe INSIDE! WINo! Tickets t IndigO2 Tiësto at the Who are PLUS. Vol.4 No.58 Sasse Allez-Allez Robert Owens i Filo & Per kts The Reje ires Friendly F TV Addictive Sarah Cracknell Feb 2008 £3.95 F SIGN OM I EutSure THEoT es the f What d els? ecord lab r r o f ld o h DJ458cover_beta.indd 1 50 T GREATESS REMIXERE ? IM OF ALLfTthe art o Masters inside! le a reve d gs Cross s in Kin don club n o L e th rance all on stival in F fe Curtain c s le a ic us ● Transm ore Goods Yard in Singap t u O k u o Z t il dawn a men VJs ● Dusk 't ted ● Wo s te 0 0 -4 neer CDJ h news ● New Pio latest Tec e th ll A ● re stage take cent SIDE... £4.95 outside UK & Eire MORE IN H C U M & £3.95 VOL.4/ NO.58 02 > 9 770951 514123 19/1/08 15:52:51

Dj Mag Feb 2008

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