Issuu on Google+ SIESTA KEY ROUND-UP PAGE 4 ISLAND CHATTER PAGE 3 FEATURED ARTIST PAGE 11 GIVING BACK PAGE 8 LIVE MUSIC PAGE 20 WATER WORLD PAGE 16 JUNE 2012 | 941.539.0205 | ISLAND VISITOR PUBLISHING, LLC | |Living The American Dream By Diana Colson.. Turtles Restaurant is located at the south end of Siesta Key on Little Sarasota Bay. It has been around since 1986, and customers enjoy great views of the water from anywhere inside the restaurant or outside on the deck. The General Manager at Turtles is a delightful guy by the name of Alex Ortega. His road to success is a fascinating one, for he has truly lived the American Dream. Alex Ortega was born near Aguascalientes LQ&HQWUDO0H[LFRWKHĂ€IWKLQDOLQHRIVHYHQ children. He grew up on a small ranch complete with horses, chickens, a housewife mom, and a father who was a teacher. When he was eight, his father passed away, leaving a wife who had never worked to support the family. In addition to taking care of her offspring, Alex’s mom was given a job by the school board to help support the family. All seven children saw how hard their mother was working, and were inspired to do all that they could to help. Continued on page 18A Local Grand Opening of Big Water Fish Market See Page 10 |Sarasota duo goes to the sea for speed By Stan Zimmerman... Steve and Stephen Kildahl are father and son in search of another world championship in one of the most grueling and dangerous sports known to man – offshore powerboat racing. Steve has won three world championships, three national championships and two Florida championships. Stephen – who just turned 21 – has one world championship, one national and two Florida championships. Now they’ve begun the hunt again in a new boat. “We used to terrorize Sarasota Bay when I was a kid,â€? said Steve Kildahl, the elder of the duo. And when organized racing came to Sarasota with a grand prix in 1985, Steve was there as an independent, long before Stephen was born.  ´,QDPDMRUĂ€UHPRVWO\GHVWUR\HGRXU marina on Phillippi Creek,â€? said Steve. “Gene Whipp asked me to race a 22-foot Velocity since our boat was destroyed.â€? Whipp was the operator of Gulf Wind Marina, and founder of the Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix. The race has raised more than $14 million since 1985 to build and maintain facilities for children with special needs in Sarasota County. The race is now known as the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival, but has always taken place over the July 4 weekend. It’s a huge moneymaker not only for the Suncoast Charities for Children, but is a big tourist draw. A study by the Sarasota County Sports Commission indicated the event had an economic impact of $12.7 million in 2011. In the mid-1990s, Steve won a world championship aboard a 26-foot Velocity, and also set a world speed record with a 24IRRW0DOVWURP´&RPSHWLWLRQZDVĂ€HUFHÂľ Steve recalled. “There was not always a class dominator. We had Wellcraft Scarabs, Donzi was just coming into racing, the Velocities of course.â€? Continued on page 22A |Making a splash on the key... Key Solutions Real Estate Group, located on Midnight Pass, is certainly making a name for itself on Siesta Key. Although new to the area, the seasoned group of realtors and property managers are setting new standards for the real estate profession. This boutique real estate agency SULGHVLWVHOIRQĂ€UVWFODVVFXVWRPHUVHUYLFHDQGVDWLVIDFWLRQ Since Key Solutions is independently owned, they are able to cater to their clients in every way. If you’re interested in buying, selling or leasing, their team of professionals can assist you through the home buying process. Owner Susan Saltalamacchia, a resident of the Key, has a long history of home sales. The daughter of a home builder, Susan realizes that buying or selling a home is one of the biggest events in a person’s life. Of primary importance is that each and every client feels their home has been given the attention it deserves. Continued on page 13A

Siesta Sand - June 2012

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