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Hawaiian Humane Society Newsletter People for animals. Animals for people. January-March 2013 For Nestle, true love was worth the wait It’s a fact – small, fluffy dogs that run to the front of their kennel to paw at potential adopters are by far the fastest to find new families. Nestle was not blessed with such attributes. Yet, we knew that she was the most charming pup of the pack. Her sweet demeanor and gentle, affectionate ways were best appreciated by those who really knew her. And we knew that Nestle came to us suffering from an embedded collar in her neck. There is no time limit as to how long we will keep an animal available for adoption and we will do whatever it takes to find families for orphaned animals. Living in a shelter is no substitute for family life so we tried to showcase her in many ways – even contacting rescue groups for their help. Months passed and Nestle still remained with us. On September 15, our adoptions team found the perfect match for Nestle – a cozy home in Pearl City where she now enjoys going on hikes with her new family and getting her nose into just about anything. We never gave up hope and she never gave up on us, even though she was with us for nearly a year. Nestle was rescued in January 2011 and adopted ten months later in September 2012. President’s Message Leveraging community capabilities for collective success for animals In looking at the many issues we face in animal welfare the needs are far greater than any single organization’s capacity to solve. In mainland communities where animal welfare progress has been Pamela Burns President and CEO most successful, there are several open-admissions shelters in an area that form a safety net with a multitude of rescue groups to help. These networks are strengthened by well-funded county programs, a charitable veterinary community, accessible and affordable spay/neuter options, a highly educated public and strong animal protection laws. Oahu has just one open-door shelter with a handful of rescue groups. All are committed to making a difference. Their arms are overflowing with animals. As Oahu’s only open-admissions shelter, we Continued on page 2

Hawaiian Humane Society Jan-March 2012 Newsletter

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